For Computers, Too, It's Hard to Learn to Speak Chinese

MIT Technology Review

In China today, voice assistant technology works by turning a user's voice commands into text and generating a response based on the meaning of the text. They will also have to understand emotions, since humans' decision making is not based solely on logic, notes Jia Jia, an associate professor at Tsinghua University who studies social affective computing. As of the end of 2016, Baidu claimed 665 million monthly active mobile users, and as of March this year, Alibaba had 507 million mobile monthly active users. For example, to train a neural network to understand texts in sports medicine, you could draw upon data from sports and data from medicine.

Extracting Keywords From Short Text - The Ape Machine


Eventually something dawned on me: If a modern translation method like sequence to sequence neural networks can translate langauges, or give responses learned from a sequence, why can't we just view keywords as a "language" of its own. It seemed like a pretty good idea: Simply train a sequence to sequence neural network on a dataset of short sentences labeled with keywords, and have the network "translate" new sentences to our keyword "language". The only thing left to do from there is to make sure to remove all keywords that are not actually present in the title, although you may want to consider even keeping those in, as you would then be able not only to extract exact keywords from a sentence, once your neural network is trained, but even related keywords. We can now write our sequence to sequence neural network using Pytorch, and in fact simply using the code listed on their tutorial section will do the trick just fine.

How Big Data Drives AI - DZone AI


Essentially, big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function. Artificial intelligence (AI) is referred to as intelligence exhibited by machines that mimic cognitive functions normally exhibited by humans, including learning and problem-solving. For several years, machine learning has been used to devise a series of complex algorithms that learn and make predictions from data, also known as predictive analytics. These learning algorithms are commonly associated with a neural network (NN) because they operate similarly to the human biological neural network, having several connections and layers between nodes.

Utilizing A.I., Machine Learning to Better Understand Schizophrenia


The algorithms sifted through de-identified brain functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data from an initiative called the Function Biomedical Informatics Research Network. The neuroimaging information used in this study was of 95 patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders as well as individuals that served as a healthy control group. Essentially, the machine learning algorithms were able to explore these scans to create a model of schizophrenia that pinpoints brain connections most associated with the illness. The data also indicated that the diagnostic could distinguish between patients with schizophrenia and the control group with 74 percent accuracy, even as these images were collected from multiple sites through different means.



Rich Sutton is old school king of RL. (see RL courses below). David Silver is the new school king of RL and superstar of Deepmind's AlphaGo (which uses Deep RL). Not much success in real world yet, but I'm still a fan as the questions and problems they're looking at feels a lot more applicable to real world than DL (e.g.

Over 150 of the Best Machine Learning, NLP, and Python Tutorials I've Found


I've split this post into four sections: Machine Learning, NLP, Python, and Math. For future posts, I may create a similar list of books, online videos, and code repos as I'm compiling a growing collection of those resources too. What's the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Who will die next on Game of Thrones? This machine learning network can predict character deaths


And, the anxiety over the next major character deaths is sweeping across the fan base. While the internet is flooding with fan theories, a researcher has developed a machine learning-powered network to predict possible deaths in the highly popular and bloody series. Milan Janosov, a PhD candidate at the Central European University, built a sort of social network of major GoT characters to come up with a ranking system of probable character deaths. Spoiler alert: Here's the list of predicted deaths "The list tells us many interesting things.

Making logistics processes smarter with cloud


With artificial intelligence (AI) gaining pace, businesses are rethinking and redesigning their operations to make their logistics'smarter', to make new age solutions like anticipatory and elastic logistics possible. AI is transforming the way business operations are performed, making the ecosystem connected and making it a'smarter world.' When AI is infused with'cognitive' systems--next-generation systems that work side by side with humans, accelerating our ability to create, learn, make decisions and think--it then transcends barriers of scale, speed, scope and standards. Today, the confluence of four fundamental shifts - IoT, AI, changing business demands and real-time API's is making a huge paradigm shift that helps organizations become smarter and better.

Game Of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen, 'Mother Of Dragons', May Die Soon

International Business Times

Master sword fighter Syrio Forel's wisecrack in the first season of popular TV series, "Game of Thrones," made Miltos Yerolemou's short role -- as Arya Stark's sword instructor -- in the show memorable. We also know which of the characters have already died (61 of them)," the analysis published by Central European University's Center for Network Science (CNS) says. According to CNS, network science is fast emerging as a scientific discipline that examines network links encountered every day as it explains the effect of these interconnections at a larger scale. Audience's love for Jon Snow -- played by Kit Harington -- probably prompted the show makers to revive the character after he was killed by his own men at the Night's Watch.

AI cybersecurity startup Darktrace scores $75m, now valued at $850m


Cambridge-based Darktrace, backed by one-time Autonomy chief exec Mike Lynch, uses machine learning and AI technology to protect corporate networks against cyber threats through what it markets as an "Enterprise Immune System". Last year's funds were used to drive this growth, but this latest investment is reportedly being put towards Latin America and Asia Pacific, as Darktrace continues to fulfil its global ambitions." In a statement, Darktrace said it now has over 3,000 deployments worldwide, across all industry sectors, including global financial companies, telecommunications providers, media firms, retailers, healthcare providers, government agencies and critical national infrastructure facilities. Darktrace claims that its technology is the only machine learning technology to "detect and fight against in-progress threats in real time".