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Amazon launches Alexa for Hospitality to bring voice-enabled services to hotel guests


Amazon has announced a new program designed to help hotels deploy Alexa's voice-enabled smarts across their properties. Though Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo speakers are growing in popularity across the domestic realm -- helping users control their doors, lights, and search the web using nothing but their voice -- the internet giant has been targeting the hospitality sector for a while already. High-end hotel firm Wynn Resorts has been placing thousands of Amazon Echo speakers in its hotels since last summer, for example. And as of April, Alexa has been able to make phone calls in hotel rooms. Put simply, Amazon recognizes that hotels are a perfect showcase for its automated AI technologies.

Salesforce research


Deep learning has significantly improved state-of-the-art performance for natural language processing tasks like machine translation, summarization, question answering, and text classification. Each of these tasks is typically studied with a specific metric, and performance is often measured on a set of standard benchmark datasets. This has led to the development of architectures designed specifically for those tasks and metrics, but it does not necessarily promote the emergence of general NLP models, those which can perform well across a wide variety of NLP tasks. In order to explore the possibility of such models as well as the tradeoffs that arise in optimizing for them, we introduce the Natural Language Decathlon (decaNLP). The goal of the Decathlon is to explore models that generalize to all ten tasks and investigate how such models differ from those trained for single tasks.

'Westworld' comes to life in new Amazon Alexa interactive game


The Season 2 finale of HBO's existential tech-western "Westworld" airs this weekend, but Season 3 probably won't drop until 2020, so fans may be forgiven if they're already beginning to experience withdrawal symptoms. But diehard devotees who can't get enough of the carefully crafted worldbuilding and the layered mysteries now have another way to immerse themselves in the show. HBO and 360i released a new "Westworld" skill for Amazon's voice-activated Alexa assistant today. A 30-second trailer by 360i introduces the concept. Anyone with an Echo or other Alexa-enabled device can play an interactive game set in the universe of the series by asking her to "Open Westworld."

12 of the best Amazon Alexa skills for kids (and their parents)


Amazon Alexa is quite possibly one of the best things to ever happen to your smart home. The voice assistant is capable of quickly ordering pizza from Domino's or Pizza Hut, playing podcasts throughout your home, and even playing a quick game of Skyrim. It can help you find a date, or even sleep better with relaxing meditation and sleep machines with nature sounds. But did you know Alexa can also help you be a better parent to your child? There are a number of clever tips, tricks, and skills that you can tap into via Alexa which will help you navigate the unpredictable journey of parenthood.

Machine learning in location-intelligence technology - the necessity to use


Almost everyone today uses some form of machine learning unintentionally. Several algorithms support the search features of Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The same goes for selecting assets on Netflix, Spotify or YouTube. Even when you use your phone for Siri, Okay Google or Amazon Alexa, the voice recognition and search commands are supported by machine learning. Facebook stopped an "Artificial Intelligence Engine" after the developers discovered that the AI had created its own unique language that they could not understand.

Chinese AI Chip Maker Cambricon Raises Massive Funding Round Led By SDIC Venture


Chinese artificial intelligence chip maker Cambricon Technologies Corp Ltd. has raised a series B round worth several hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars led by SDIC Venture Capital, a subsidiary of state-owned investment holding group China Reform Holdings Corp Ltd, China State-owned Capital Venture Investment Fund and its sub-fund Guoxin Qidi Fund. CICC Capital, CITIC Securities Goldstone Investment Fund, TCL Capital, a Chinese Academy of Sciences fund, as well as some existing investors including Alibaba Innovation Ventures, also participated in the round, according to Cambricon's announcement on its official WeChat account. Cambricon said its post-money valuation has reached US$2.5 billion. Cambricon was founded in 2016 by Chen Tianshi, a professor at the Institute Of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy Of Sciences. In 2016, the company launched a processor, named Cambricon-1A, which it claims to be the world's first commercial chip for deep learning.

What is AI Commerce & Why Should You Care?


So, you are into e-commerce & struggle to keep up with Amazon (which boasts the #1 app among Millennials and Centennials and made over $ 43 billion in Q3 2017)? Don't worry, your competitors face exactly the same problems – and turn to Artificial Intelligence to solve them. Discover how using e-commerce AI solutions can help you deliver the ultimate shopping experience, reduce operating and staffing costs and boost revenue. IBM Watson commerce, Facebook/WeChat chatbots, Amazon recommendation engines and other "cognitive commerce" solutions are powered by artificial neural networks – that is, algorithms modelled on biological neural networks that process data, learn from it and make smarter decisions. The types of data you can feed to a neural network range from CRM records to your website usage stats; the intelligent algorithms classify data patterns and predict consumer behavior and KPIs based on past events.

5 Apple AirPods Alternatives For That Truly Wireless Earbud Experience

Forbes Technology

Apple's AirPods have taken the headphone world by storm. While they weren't the first ever "true wireless" headphones out there, they certainly helped popularize the new trend in headphones, and sparked a slew of alternative options. For the uninitiated, Apple AirPods are Apple's take on true wireless headphones, or earbud-style headphones that have absolutely no wires. In other words, the separate earbuds sit in your ear, connected only wirelessly to each other and to your listening device -- whether it be your phone, computer, tablet, or another device. There are plenty of other options out there, and they each have something a little different to offer.

Deep Learning For Coders--36 hours of lessons for free


This 7-week course is designed for anyone with at least a year of coding experience, and some memory of high-school math. You will start with step one--learning how to get a GPU server online suitable for deep learning--and go all the way through to creating state of the art, highly practical, models for computer vision, natural language processing, and recommendation systems. There are around 20 hours of lessons, and you should plan to spend around 10 hours a week for 7 weeks to complete the material. The course is based on lessons recorded during the first certificate course at The Data Institute at USF.

Making a case for artificial intelligence in the legal profession


Did you hear the one about the affordable yet efficient human lawyer and its robot counterpart? One is complete myth and will never happen while the other might be just around the corner thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Everybody loves a silly lawyer joke but the joke may be on us because the lawyer or barrister is one of the professions least likely to be replaced by automation and it may also be one that will benefit most from AI and machine learning. There is an interesting website called where you can enter various jobs and see the probability that automation will, at some point in the future, render certain professions obsolete or not. This is calculated using a methodology developed by Oxford University researchers looking at the future of employment.