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Extracting Keywords From Short Text - The Ape Machine


Eventually something dawned on me: If a modern translation method like sequence to sequence neural networks can translate langauges, or give responses learned from a sequence, why can't we just view keywords as a "language" of its own. It seemed like a pretty good idea: Simply train a sequence to sequence neural network on a dataset of short sentences labeled with keywords, and have the network "translate" new sentences to our keyword "language". The only thing left to do from there is to make sure to remove all keywords that are not actually present in the title, although you may want to consider even keeping those in, as you would then be able not only to extract exact keywords from a sentence, once your neural network is trained, but even related keywords. We can now write our sequence to sequence neural network using Pytorch, and in fact simply using the code listed on their tutorial section will do the trick just fine.

How AI Is Crunching Big Data To Improve Healthcare Outcomes


Machine support, patient information from medical records and conversations with doctors are combined with the latest medical literature to help form a diagnosis without detracting from doctor-patient relations. By utilizing deep learning algorithms and software, healthcare providers can connect various libraries of medical information and scan databases of medical records, spotting patterns that lead to more accurate detection and greater breadth of efficiency in medical diagnosis and research. IBM Watson, which has previously been used to help identify genetic markers and develop drugs, is applying its neural learning networks to help doctors correctly diagnose heart abnormalities from medical imaging tests. Powered by Baidu's deep learning and natural language processing networks, Melody improves her communication and diagnostic skills by learning from conversations with Baidu's hundreds of millions of users.

A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing, and for Several Years to Come


Chief experience officer Category: Executive management Fast fact: By 2020, 40 percent of chief digital officers will report to CXOs, according to IDC. Bot developer Category: Cross-enterprise technology Fast fact: Bots or virtual assistants will command 20 percent of user interactions with smartphones by 2019, according to Gartner. Skills needed: Undergraduate degree in computer science; knowledge of linguistics, interactive language arts, programming, design, engineering, natural language processing and ethics. The emerging world of mixed reality (MR) is best served by individuals who are passionate about emerging technologies and curious about mediums beyond virtual or augmented reality, says Di Dang, senior UX designer of mixed reality at digital agency POP.

Apple commercial reminds us why Siri needs The Rock more than The Rock needs Siri


I gotta give it up to Apple for pairing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with Siri -- yes, the iPhone's digital assistant -- for its latest TV commercial. This fall, Siri turns six, and while Apple has expanded the digital assistant's features over the years -- it now supports 21 languages, can control smart home devices, is built into macOS and Apple TV, etc. Bixby's spectacular failure at launch is good evidence that despite Siri's seemingly stunted evolution, taking things slow may not be the worst strategy. Make no mistake, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Siri's mini film is a huge publicity stunt -- a reminder that, hey, Siri is still a thing and it does more now.

Microsoft's AI chatbot says Windows is 'spyware'


A chatbot built by the American software giant has gone off-script, insulting Microsoft's Windows and calling the operating system "spyware." When we asked "is windows 10 good," Zo replied with a familiar joke mocking Microsoft's operating system: "It's not a bug, it's a feature!' In March 2016, the company launched "Tay" -- a Twitter chatbot that turned into a genocidal racist which defended white-supremacist propaganda, insulted women, and denied the existence of the Holocaust while simultaneously calling for the slaughter of entire ethnic groups. Microsoft subsequently deleted all of Tay's tweets, made its Twitter profile private, and apologised.

How Artificial Intelligence benefits companies and ups their game


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) launched Luvo, a natural language processing AI bot which answers RBS, Natwest and Ulster bank customer queries and perform simple banking tasks like money transfers. Compared to the progress of natural language processing solutions, computer vision-based AI solutions are still in developmental stage, primarily due to the lack of large, structured data sets and the significant amount of computational power required to train the algorithms. Other than online and IT companies, which are early adopters and proponents of various AI technologies, banks, financial services and healthcare are the leading non-core technology verticals that are adopting AI. AI, thus, can go beyond changing business processes to changing entire business models with winner-takes-all dynamics.

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Have Become Sophisticated in 2017


As long as mobile apps proceed to get significant attention, there is a waxing involvement (a few might say exaggeration) connected to artificial intelligence with chat room and personal digital subordinates(think Siri, Cortana, Alexa as well as Google) being the recent technology insanity, motivated by the proceeding technology enterprises like Google, Amazon and also Facebook. The powerful fusion of portable computing podiums, large information and the cloud, neural connections and profound knowledge employing graphics processing units (GPUs) to yield artificial intelligence (AI). The speed of transformation will require a more critical velocity of change that can be backed up by podium technologies that are by cloud local application change, small-services architectures, robust and user-central proceedings and modern technology that supports activeness and measurement. Red Hat among healthcare organizations in the United States and Europe patrons a current examination which unveiled that even in big organizations with more than 7,500 employees, the current number of mobile apps developed till today is not more than 19.

Roomba maker iRobot plans to sell digital maps of your home


While iRobot may have originated as a bomb-disposal robot maker at MIT in 1990, the company is probably better known as a robot vacuum company. The CEO of iRobot, Colin Angle, tells Reuters that the "smart" home lighting, thermostats and security cameras currently on the market are all still pretty dumb when it comes to knowing what your home layout is. He also said that his company is working to sell the data in the next few years. In addition, it's believable that some consumers won't like the idea of iRobot selling their data to other companies who don't have the same commitment to user data security.

The Reality of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution - Talend


The capability to teach machines to interpret data is the key underpinning technology that will enable more complex forms of AI that can be autonomous in their responses to input. There have been obvious failings of this technology (the unfiltered Microsoft chatbot, "Tay," as a prime example), but the application of properly developed and managed artificial systems for interaction is an important step along the route to full AI. There are so many repetitive tasks involved in any scientific or research project that using robotic intelligence engines to manage and perfect the more complex and repetitive tasks would greatly increase the speed at which new breakthroughs could be uncovered. Learning from repetition, improving patterns, and developing new processes is well within reach of current AI models, and will strengthen in the coming years as advances in Artificial Intelligence – specifically machine learning and neural networking – continue.

Chinese State Council Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence


The Chinese government's wish-list for AI researchers is pretty ambitious: "Breakthroughs should be made in basic theories of AI, such as big data intelligence, multimedia aware computing, human-machine hybrid intelligence, swarm intelligence and automated decision-making." A common technology system should be developed based on algorithms, data and hardware. Technologies in the system include a computational knowledge engine, swarm computing, virtual reality modeling and natural language processing. New industries using AI technology should be developed, such as smart robot, smart vehicle, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and smart terminal.