Learn Machine Learning with Weka Udemy


This is the bite size course to learn Weka and Machine Learning. You will learn Machine Learning which is the Model and Evaluation of CRISP Data Mining Process. You will learn Linear Regression, Kmeans Clustering, Agglomeration Clustering, KNN, Naive Bayes, Neural Network in this course.

Artificial Intelligence Composes New Christmas Songs


One of the most common uses of neural networks is the generation of new content, given certain constraints. A neural network is created, then trained on source content – ideally with as much reference material as possible. Then, the model is asked to generate original content in the same vein. This generally has mixed, but occasionally amusing, results. The team at [Made by AI] had a go at generating Christmas songs using this very technique.

The Machine Learning Race Is Really a Data Race


Organizations that hope to make AI a differentiator need to draw from alternative data sets -- ones they may have to create themselves. Machine learning -- or artificial intelligence, if you prefer -- is already becoming a commodity. Companies racing to simultaneously define and implement machine learning are finding, to their surprise, that implementing the algorithms used to make machines intelligent about a data set or problem is the easy part. There is a robust cohort of plug-and-play solutions to painlessly accomplish the heavy programmatic lifting, from the open-source machine learning framework of Google's TensorFlow to Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning and Amazon's SageMaker. What's not becoming commoditized, though, is data.

Is Machine Learning The Biggest Focus In The Mobile Industry? - insideBIGDATA


Whether people aware of it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning have had a huge impact on human interaction, particularly in regards to machines, computers and devices. The impact can be felt across a range of industries including travel, retail and advertisement. Both Android and iOS mobile platforms have utilized this technology to create innovative and exciting new apps. How Is Machine Learning Currently Being Used? Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are already being utilized to try and better our experiences every day.

Becoming "Netflix Intelligent": Something Every Company Can Do!


Makes me feel sad for the rest. Actually, that's a movie ("The Spy that Loved Me") that Netflix recommends for me since I'm a James Bond junkie and Netflix knows that. In fact, Netflix knows a lot about me as it knows a lot about all of its viewers, which is one reason why Netflix is a Wall Street darling and has rewarded its stockholders very well over the past couple of years (see Figure 1). But Netflix isn't doing anything that other organizations cannot do. To replicate Netflix's business success starts with thinking differently about the role of data and analytics in powering the organization's business.

Intro AI, Machine Learning Courses Wooing More Students -- Campus Technology


Enrollment in artificial intelligence (AI) introductory courses in the United States grew by 3.4 times between 2012 and 2017, and introductory machine learning (ML) classes grew by five times during that same period. That's according to the latest AI Index 2018 Report, a rich collection of data intended to serve as a "comprehensive resource" for anybody interested in the field. The information was contributed by universities, companies, consultancies and associations. The report observed that ML courses are on a faster trajectory for growth than AI at this point. While the University of California Berkeley's introductory AI course grew by a little under two times between 2012 and 2017, its ML course had 6.8 times as many students.

A Look at the Most Used Terminology Around Artificial Intelligence 7wData


Artificial Intelligence (AI), once only present in science fiction, is now a science reality manifesting itself in every industry. It raises questions that make us wonder about how we should explore the possibilities of AI for our organization, institution, home, or city. But what do we really mean when we speak about AI? In general, AI is a broad field of science encompassing much more than just computer science. AI includes also psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and other areas.

Introduction to Regularization to Reduce Overfitting of Deep Learning Neural Networks


The objective of a neural network is to have a final model that performs well both on the data that we used to train it (e.g. the training dataset) and the new data on which the model will be used to make predictions. The central challenge in machine learning is that we must perform well on new, previously unseen inputs -- not just those on which our model was trained. The ability to perform well on previously unobserved inputs is called generalization.

5 technologies you'll get sick of hearing about in 2019


A new year is upon us and so will be the hype factory that kicks off with CES and never seems to end. We'll take a stab at the big technology themes in 2019 as well as a few that may make you vomit by this time next year. When Apple stops disclosing device units and revenue you know the company has peaked in terms of cultural zeitgeist, but let's not get crazy. Apple still has quite a business and a cash cow few others can match. Apple's services approach is a money winning strategy, but it's unclear where the growth is going to come from.

Transforming Academic Research: Solving Previously Complex Oil and Gas Problems Using Machine Learning


Digital transformations are slated to transform the industry by reducing expenditures, improving operations, and providing a granular view of workflows enabling more effective decision-making. In the heart of all these digitization efforts in our industry lies machine learning. Machine learning enables us to build complex models on the data collected, leading to better decisions. In the simplest terms, it is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) which is designed to learn on its own or become better as it is fed more data. These algorithms have the potential to revolutionize our workflow in the future when the applicability of AI increases.