IBM is pouring $240 million into a new AI research lab at MIT


On Thursday, IBM and the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) announced a new $240 million research center called the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab that's focused, at least in part, on how new hardware can help energize and grow AI technologies. "The field of artificial intelligence has experienced incredible growth and progress over the past decade. One of those nascent technologies is quantum computing. It's a technology that excites AI researchers because it holds the potential of far greater computing power, thanks to its ability to hold bits in multiple states at once. Traditional computing can only have bits that are on or off (1s and 0s).

Hurricane forecasters sent a blunt warning to their bosses


When Hurricane Sandy made a devastating left hook into the Mid-Atlantic on Oct. 29, 2012, killing nearly 150 people and causing about $70 billion in damage, a narrative took hold in the weather community and the media that made its way to Capitol Hill. U.S. weather models were late in forecasting that storm's bizarre track when compared to the top model from Europe, which locked onto it more than a week in advance. Many in and out of government began to criticize what they saw as a growing modeling gap across the Atlantic Ocean. The weather model wars are continuing, and new evidence has emerged that instead of making a leap forward in forecast accuracy as Congress has directed, the U.S. may be about to take a step back, at least when it comes to high-impact events such as hurricanes and tropical storms are concerned. SEE ALSO: Looking for hope on climate change under Trump?