Machine Learning And Big Data Know It Wasn't You Who Just Swiped Your Credit Card

International Business Times

You're sitting at home minding your own business when you get a call from your credit card's fraud detection unit asking if you've just made a purchase at a department store in your city. It wasn't you who bought expensive electronics using your credit card – in fact, it's been in your pocket all afternoon. So how did the bank know to flag this single purchase as most likely fraudulent?

Microsoft And AI: Using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence To Diagnose Blindness

International Business Times

Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from visual impairment. A new program from Microsoft utilizes machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence to help diagnose and treat the condition, according to a report from Mashable. Earlier this year, Microsoft teamed with the not-for-profit LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in India, which provided the computing giant with access to more than one million anonymized medical records. Those records were tossed into Microsoft's cloud-based machine learning program and processed. The data gave Microsoft the ability to look through and analyze a wide range of procedures, providing a better understanding as to why a certain operation is chosen and the results of different surgeries for the eye patients.