Why it's time for CIOs to invest in machine learning


To Olley, machine learning fills a gap in technology that has existed for a long time: solving complex problems with pattern recognition. "With the majority of Elsevier's revenue coming from technology-based products and services, we started using machine learning in our commercial products, but it's equally applicable to internal IT platforms," Olley says. As part of the executive teams within RBI and Elsevier, Dan continues to drive organic online product growth across the portfolio. Prior to RELX Group, Dan held technology and product management leadership roles with GM Financial, Wunderman Cato Johnson, and IBM, as well as a number of software organizations in the United Kingdom and other international locales.

AI everywhere


"We invented a computing model called GPU accelerated computing and we introduced it almost slightly over 10 years ago," Huang said, noting that while AI is only recently dominating tech news headlines, the company was working on the foundation long before that. Nvidia's tech now resides in many of the world's most powerful supercomputers, and the applications include fields that were once considered beyond the realm of modern computing capabilities. Now, Nvidia's graphics hardware occupies a more pivotal role, according to Huang – and the company's long list of high-profile partners, including Microsoft, Facebook and others, bears him out. GTC, in other words, has evolved into arguably the biggest developer event focused on artificial intelligence in the world.



The takeaway here is the machine learning allows companies to build better applications that interact with things people create: pictures, speech, text, and other messy things. Interfaces powered by machine learning will make computing omnipresent. Like their other products, both Google Search and Facebook Photos demonstrate how RDAs generate significant network effects. Or, you could have a giant install base which only occasionally codes data (Facebook, whose users tag photos usually when they're uploaded).