IoT and Machine Learning are invading our lives. Is it a good thing?


The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning are two of the hottest technologies of our time. At first glance, I really like some of the ideas that are being proposed by the combination of Internet of Things and Machine Learning: smart light bulbs that know when to turn themselves on and off; smart kettles that will make sure you'll have freshly made coffee at the exact time you want it without having thought about it; smart fridges that will do the grocery for you; smart locks that will recognize you and unlock with the tap of a phone. I don't have to worry about leaving the door unlocked because my smart lock will automatically lock the door when it senses that the house is empty. Combined with the power of the fast evolving VR technology, IoT will enable us to travel to distant locations, feel things, meet people and do a lot more without ever setting foot outside our homes.