Mapping the Canadian AI Ecosystem


If we sum up all the available numbers for AI research investments (including other government funding like the $93.5M awarded to IVADO by the Canada Research Excellence Fund last September, as well as private funds invested in public or semi-public labs) we end up with close to $500M in funding across the country. Beyond that, when we look up other domains that work hand in hand with AI, such as Big Data, cloud infrastructure and the like, that number grows even higher. What made Silicon Valley's talent pump work up to now was its ecosystem of large firms and venture capital feeding startups, as well as research who in turn generate the innovations to push the large firms forward. With investments from the federal and provincial governments in research, as well as from Big Tech, the Canadian talent pump is growing quickly.

Nvidia CEO: "Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software"


Nvidia has benefitted from a rapid explosion of investment in machine learning from tech companies. Can this rapid growth in the use cases for machine learning continue? Recent research results from applying machine learning to diagnosis are impressive (see "An AI Ophthalmologist Shows How Machine Learning May Transform Medicine"). Your chips are already driving some cars: all Tesla vehicles now use Nvidia's Drive PX 2 computer to power the Autopilot feature that automates highway driving.