Dating app may have been used to lure men to their deaths, investigators say - Man allegedly attempts to strangle woman at cemetery, blames personality change

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Two Texas men who were killed earlier this year may have been lured to their deaths by an online dating app used by the pair's killers, investigators said Monday. There have been two suspects named in the case; cousins Brandon Alexander Lyons, 18, and Jerrett Jamal Allen, 26. Cousins Brandon Alexander Lyons, 18, and Jerrett Jamal Allen, 26, were named in connection with the slaying of Soliman. Nguyen's family reported the student missing April 1 after they could not reach him.

Drone dropped wire cutters that South Carolina inmate used to escape

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A drone flew in wire cutters that allowed a South Carolina inmate to escape from a maximum-security prison for the second time earlier this week. He was on the lam for more than two days after escaping Wednesday from Lieber Correctional Institution, about 90 miles southeast of Columbia. CAPTURED: Escaped inmate Jimmy Causey was apprehended this morning at 3:05 a.m. by Texas Department of Public Safety "We believe a drone was used to fly in the tools that allow him to escape," South Carolina Corrections Director Bryan Stirling. A year after he entered prison, he and another inmate escaped Broad River Correctional Institution near Columbia by hiding in a trash truck.

Exosuits could help soldiers

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At Harvard Biodesign Lab, they've been developing soft robot exosuits to help with this exact problem. "The approach our lab, and several other research labs, have taken recently is to use extremely lightweight devices to try to deliver assistance in parallel to the underlying biological muscles in order to reduce the metabolic cost of walking," Brendan Quinlivan, a graduate student at the Harvard Biodesign Lab, told Digital Trends. By applying assistance in parallel to the biological muscles, the theory is that the muscles will have to do less work reducing the metabolic cost of the wearer and ultimately reducing their fatigue and their potential for injury." In a new paper published recently in the journal Science Robotics, titled "Assistance magnitude versus metabolic cost reductions for a tethered multiarticular soft exosuit," the team of researchers at Harvard managed to push these metabolic reductions to their highest threshold yet: close to 23 percent reduction with an off-board actuation system.