Artificial Intelligence Future Our Future with AI Technology


One place where we can find AI technology winning is at the Autonomous Industry where Artificial Intelligence Companies like Tesla and Mercedes are making Self-Driving Cars. But, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the Automobile industry is working on bringing Autonomous Cars in the world. These cameras mapped the Lane Lines, Motion Flow, Objects, Road Flow, Road Lights, and Road Signs. Either, AI technologies are going to be the greatest gifts to the mankind, or these Artificial Intelligence Companies will bring the greatest threat to humanity.

Startup Weekend Artificial Intelligence - Paris


Now Paris organizers are back with a Global Startup Weekend on Artificial Intelligence! Come test your ideas and participate in creating the future of the French artificial intelligence at the Startup Weekend Artificial Intelligence - Paris Edition! Whether you are looking for feedback on a idea, a co-founder, a team, or simply to experience the exciting entrepreneurial adventure for a weekend, Startup Weekends are the perfect environment! Build a viable business model around a startup idea Meet your future partner / team Receive feedback from other participants, mentors and jury Get the chance to win prizes to boost the launch of your startup!

Japan in unique position to take global lead in investment and trade: experts

The Japan Times

Somewhat overshadowed in recent years by China's rise as a regional and global power, Japan still extends considerable influence as a world leader in various fields, including investment, policy management and trade, according to experts who gathered at a Tokyo conference earlier this week. Hiromichi Mizuno, chief investment officer at Government Pension Investment Fund said the country can show leadership in the field of investment by educating on responsible investment, a concept that gained traction after the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008 that triggered the global financial crisis, exemplifying the long-term failure of a capitalism that emphasizes the single-minded pursuit of short-term corporate profits. Meanwhile, in a session that focused on free trade and protectionism, experts said Japan's leadership is being tested to fight against emerging protectionism, especially under U.S. President Donald Trump's administration. An organization called G1 Institute has held its G1 Global Conference every year since 2011 and invites noted experts from various fields of business, art, entertainment and politics to high-level discussions conducted in English.

Expert: Human Immortality Could Be Acquired Through AI


He's the director of both the International Aging Research Portfolio (IARP) and the Biogerontology Research Foundation, as well as the CEO of bioinformatics company Insilico Medicine. Zhavoronkov also explained the important role AI has in facilitating the development of drugs that could treat aging and age-related diseases. "With our drug discovery and biomarker development pipelines, we can go after almost every disease […] And since we are considering aging as a form of disease, many of the same algorithms are used to develop biomarkers and drugs to prevent and possibly even restore aging-associated damage." For Zhavoronkov, AI's potential impact on humankind goes far beyond the possibility that it could cause a singularity apocalypse -- it could actually be the very thing that saves us from death.

How Our Own Humanity Can Save Our Jobs From the Rise of AI


Some experts now are warning that machines and AI will be outperforming humans at nearly every task in 45 years, leading to massive unemployment. Instead, this phenomenon promises to elevate human capital, making people more efficient and allowing them to focus on the value-added aspects of their occupations. In the meantime, another form of AI is already here making its presence felt in the global economy: artificial narrow intelligence(ANI). According to a Futurism article from March, the company's loan officers spend a total of 360,000 hours each year on tasks like interpreting commercial loan agreements.

Should Banks Fear Fintech?


FinTechs are technology solution providers, whose solutions are currently disrupting the traditional ways of carrying out financial transactions, thus threatening the continued monopoly of banks as custodians of customers' bank accounts. Given the evolution of disruptive technology across all sectors of the economy, the financial technology experts were of the view that banks would lose greater percentage of their customers to FinTechs, should banks down-play the essence of collaboration. He focused more on artificial intelligence (AI) in technology evolution, and explained that given the rate of technology growth, Africa and the entire globe would soon be ruled by AI technology applications. King said banking transactions have moved from Bank 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, to 4.0, and advised banks to adapt to the changes through collaboration with FinTech, or lose their bank customers to FinTech players that are already creating apps that enhance banking transactions.

Ask An Expert: How To Get Business Value From Chatbots


We offer consulting, implementation of AI and cognitive agents, chatbot solutions, among others, and we help our clients to run these solutions. We have 270,000 people globally, of which already thousands are working on advanced technologies like Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The second is advanced analytics: not just looking back based on data, but also predicting the future based on data and based on artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. The third one is what we call conversational AI: advanced chatbots that enable the clients of our clients to have a natural conversation with a machine backed by all kinds of intelligence.

Fear of the self-driving car: Is it warranted?


Intel's research found that drivers are unclear about when a machine will talk and when it will listen; which gauges will be used and what they mean; and, perhaps most importantly, how much the driver has to pay attention in self-driving car mode. One of the major benefits, according to the Intel study, is that a computer making judgments about traffic and road conditions won't second-guess a decision. So how will drivers learn to trust autonomous cars? "Trust in autonomous vehicles will reach the first major milestone when the key car manufacturers complete testing on public roads under various environment conditions and will be able to share some positive results in terms of safe driving benchmarks," Ponomarev says.

Customer Data Analytics to Uberize Retail Landscape


It's all about granular customer data Market research for business and market intelligence and identification of customer trends is not a new thing for retailers. But the new thing that has been taking turns big time is granular customer data. Brick and mortar retailers have started banking big time on "real behavioral data". Retailers in order to keep the customer journey really engaging should develop solutions to deliver experience like a video game, where their customers should encounter goals, levels, checkpoints etc.

21 Best Online Courses On Data Science


Also, these data science tutorials give you idea about data science, python, data scientist, big data, analytics, machine learning, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the most booming topics now. Description: Learn to create Deep Learning Algorithms in Python from two Machine Learning & Data Science experts. Learn data visualization through Tableau 10 and create opportunities for you or key decision makers to discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, sales trends, or production bottlenecks. Learn data visualization through Microsoft Power BI and create opportunities for you or key decision makers to discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, sales trends, or production bottlenecks.