How to Be Seen as an Expert in Artificial Intelligence


Let's face it: even if you've seen Bladerunner 2049 a few times you probably don't truly understand the future of AI. But don't let a lack of knowledge stop you from being seen as an AI industry expert. Here are 10 ways to be viewed as someone at the forefront of the AI revolution. If someone says "artificial intelligence," correct them by saying, "don't you mean, AI?" You'll immediately appear more well-read on the subject than any of your colleagues. When this honor is bestowed on you, simply take your company's Digital or Cloud offering and Find All and Replace "Digital/Cloud" with "AI" and…hey presto – you're an innovation leader.

From here to AI: Beyond the hype - IBM Systems Blog: In the Making


The media coverage of artificial intelligence (AI) would have you believe that most people in the room raised their hands for the first question. But from my (unscientific) count, only 20 people raised their hands for #1, while close to 500 raised their hands for #2. It is obvious that we need to help IT leaders get from here to AI. Which is exactly why we invited thought leaders and technical realists from NVIDIA, Hortonworks, IBM Cognitive Systems and CloudPulse Strategies to cut through the AI hype and give us tips on how to get started. Deep learning could be the easiest place to start.

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the world: Expert's opinions on the dilemmas of AI


But against this opinion some arguments are in the left side of Artificial intelligence. Elon Musk, an Expert of AI industry came out with another artificial intelligence warning on Monday. Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo" The SpaceX and Tesla CEO suggested that AI could be the cause of Third World War. Replying to this Statement, indrasen smiled and says that "In the war situation, Artificial Intelligence could replace Human with Robots in the Army, hence can reduced the loss of Lives to some extent.

Key Qualities To Look For In AI And Machine Learning Experts


Being quick to grasp new concepts is valued in any career, but the rapid evolution of AI makes it critical in this field. Even experienced researchers and engineers must constantly uplevel their skills to stay abreast of new developments. Furthermore, employers struggling to find experienced AI talent are broadening their hiring radius to trainable recruits and implementing in-house retraining programs for existing engineers. At ThoughtSpot, said Shiflett, they are seeking candidates who "of course are interested in the AI space, but really have the ability to learn quickly and stay on the forefront."

Amazon gives AWS customers access to its internal machine learning experts


Amazon on Wednesday announced the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, a new program that connects Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers with Amazon's own machine learning experts. Through boot camps, workshops, advisory professional services and other forms of programming, the program is designed to help Amazon's cloud customers figure out how to leverage machine learning. Competing cloud providers, from Microsoft to Oracle, have for some time touted their capabilities in AI and machine learning as a key value proposition as they try to make a dent in Amazon's market dominance. Amazon's response has been to point to its own internal use of machine learning. "Amazon has been investing in machine learning for more than 20 years, innovating in areas such as fulfilment and logistics, personalization and recommendations, forecasting, fraud prevention, and supply chain optimization," Vinayak Agarwal, a senior product manager for AWS Deep Learning, wrote in a blog post about the new service.

Announcing the shortlist for Robot Launch 2017


The Robotics Hub, in collaboration with Silicon Valley Robotics, is currently investing in robotics, AI and sensor startups, with checks between $250,000 and $500,000. Current portfolio companies include Agility Robotics, RoBotany, Travelwits and Ariel Precision Technologies. A team of judges has shortlisted 25 robotics startups who all deserve mention. Eight startups will be in our public voting which will start on Dec 1st and continue till December 10 on Also eight startups are currently giving longer pitches to a panel of judges, so that the final winner(s) can be announced at the Silicon Valley Robotics investor showcase on December 14.

Machine Learning Is No Longer Just for Experts


If you're not using deep learning already, you should be. That was the message from legendary Google engineer Jeff Dean at the end of his keynote earlier this year at a conference on web search and data mining. Dean was referring to the rapid increase in machine learning algorithms' accuracy, driven by recent progress in deep learning, and the still untapped potential of these improved algorithms to change the world we live in and the products we build. But breakthroughs in deep learning aren't the only reason this is a big moment for machine learning. Just as important is that over the last five years, machine learning has become far more accessible to nonexperts, opening up access to a vast group of people.

Key Takeaways from Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) West 2017


First started in 2015, the Open Data Science Conference (better known as the ODSC) has now blossomed into a one of the top ten Data Science Conferences in a year (by various compilations). This year, the ODSC West was held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, from November 2 to 4. Sheamus McGovern, the ODSC Chair and his team pulled in business executives and engineers to a packed and sold-out event. An event of this magnitude comes together with a ton of planning and working together. I am, attempting here, to give you a snapshot tour of what I experienced. The tech-focused piled into eleven premium training sessions that kicked off in parallel to the Accelerate AI event which was the new one-day format for the business folks.



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'Killer robots' will start slaughtering people if they're not banned soon, AI expert warns

The Independent

An artificial intelligence expert has called for countries to ban so-called "killer robots" before activists' warnings against them become a reality. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots recently released a short film, in which autonomous weapons are used to carry out mass killings with frightening efficiency, while people struggle to work out how to combat them. A United Nations panel discussed the issue last week, but next plans to meet next year. Toby Walsh, Scientia Professor of AI at UNSW Sydney, says he's "confident" that killer robots will be banned, but is worried that the decision could take a long time to make. "[The] arms race has happened [and] is happening today," he said at the UN, reports AFP.