Training soft skills into AI technology


For AI engineers, however, soft skills are simply the next frontier. In a world programmed in 0s and 1s, things like empathy, self-awareness, and social skills are about as far from binary as you can get. That means computers don't understand emotions in the same way humans do. Emotional intelligence and soft skills are closely related.



Google's self-driving car outfit shacked up with Intel to give its cars the brains they need to drive safely. The AI expert, who launched Google's self-driving car project in 2009, didn't explain the dog. He did announce that his online education company, Udacity, is launching a "nanodegree" program for wannabe flying car engineers. And he noted that since Udacity started its self-driving car engineer course a year ago, it has enrolled more than 10,000 students eager to help build the future of transportation.

Waymo seeks $2.6 billion in damages from Uber for alleged use of one trade secret

Los Angeles Times

Waymo is seeking $2.6 billion in damages for just one of the nine self-driving car trade secrets it claims Uber put to use, lawyers disclosed at a hearing in federal court in San Francisco. The damage estimate came out as Waymo's lawyers on Wednesday bolstered their case with new, last-minute evidence showing that thousands of confidential Waymo files ended up on the personal computer of a top-level Uber engineer. Waymo claims Levandowski took 14,000 confidential Waymo documents before leaving to found self-driving trucking start-up Otto. Uber then bought Otto, which Waymo claims gave Uber access to those pilfered Waymo trade secrets.

Lyft is giving out scholarships for a new self-driving car program


The four-month course will cost $800 -- but Lyft will award full scholarships to 400 qualified students to study topics like machine learning, object-oriented programming, and probabilistic robotics. Graduates are guaranteed admission to Udacity's Self-Driving Car Engineer program, which provides a more thorough schooling on the ins and outs of a career focused on creating autonomous systems. This is a savvy move for the Lyft, which announced its own driverless car development program earlier this year. Ten percent of the company's engineers are already focusing on autonomous tech, and the Udacity programs could help to create a pipeline of talent to Lyft's Level 5 Engineering Center in Palo Alto.

Analyzing Data Science Job Roles and Qualifications - JungleML


The'data analytics and data engineer' roles shared similar results, as did the'machine learning and data scientist' roles. 'Statistics' and'Mathematics' appeared about 2000 times over the'machine learning and data scientist' job postings and only 1000 times for'data engineer and data analytics'. Clearly having a PhD is highly preferred in direct machine learning and scientist roles but nowadays a Masters is good enough in most cases. If you're mathematically/research inclined, then you'll be better suited for ML jobs.

Vevo: Sr. Machine Learning Engineer


Vevo is the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform with over 24 billion monthly views globally. Vevo delivers a personalized and expertly curated experience for audiences to explore and discover music videos, exclusive original programming and live performances from the artists they love on mobile, web and connected TV. Take a look inside Vevo: We are growing our Data team and creating the next generation of Vevo's data services. The team's mission is to deliver intelligent, personalized, entertainment experiences and insights to our users, artists, record labels, and internal business groups.

Udacity announces 'flying car' nanodegree, new partnership with Lyft


The online education company Udacity on Tuesday unveiled a "flying car" nanodegree program, offering students "the skills to create autonomous flight vehicles that will be crucial to the transportation systems of the future." The two-term program will open in early 2018, with a curriculum designed by aerospace and autonomous systems experts, including Nicholas Roy, the MIT Aeronautics professor and founder of Alphabet's Project Wing; Raffaelo D'Andrea, ETH Zurich professor and co-founder of Kiva Systems; Angela Schoellig, University of Toronto Institute Aerospace professor; and Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun. "Our goal is to teach a new generation of engineers the skills necessary to build this smart transportation future," Roy wrote in a blog post. The curriculum will first focus on the basics of autonomous flight, Roy wrote, including motion planning, state estimation, control, and perception.

Data literacy in high demand; academia responds


A new degree program at Carnegie Mellon University and an online data science training course at MIT are focused on arming those in the workforce with new skills. Shah believes recommendation engines should be built using probabilistic graphical models, which map out relationships between people and, in the case of Amazon, for example, products. "As a result, we're seeing greater demand for software engineers, product managers, data scientists -- and we're seeing that demand in a much broader set of companies." Unlike the school's two-year product management MBA track, the new master's degree is a one-year program for the data literate.

Self-Driving Car 'Godfather' To Help Lyft Get Engineers, Offer Flying Car Classes


Night driving in an autonomous vehicle designed by Udacity, an online training service that specializes in high-tech vocations. Sebastian Thrun, the original leader of Google's self-driving car project, is going to help rideshare company Lyft staff up its autonomous vehicle team with training through Udacity, his high-tech vocational service. Today he's training autonomous vehicle engineers and creating the first certification program for flying car studies. Thrun's interest in starting a flying car engineering program at Udacity isn't surprising.

Roku might be making its own smart speaker


First noticed by Variety, Roku has listed open positions that are specific to tying audio with software. For example, Sr. Software Engineer, New Products, Audio (Expert) requires candidates with experience taking "new hardware platforms from prototype to mass production." The most notable resumé belongs to Jim Cortez, a Senior Software Engineer who works on voice interfaces for the company. He was previously the cofounder of Ivee, a company that makes smart home speakers in the same vein as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.