Tech Firms Move to Put Ethical Guard Rails Around AI


One day last summer, Microsoft's director of artificial intelligence research, Eric Horvitz, activated the Autopilot function of his Tesla sedan. The car steered itself down a curving road near Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington, freeing his mind to better focus on a call with a nonprofit he had cofounded around the ethics and governance of AI. Then, he says, Tesla's algorithms let him down. "The car didn't center itself exactly right," Horvitz recalls. Both tires on the driver's side of the vehicle nicked a raised yellow curb marking the center line, and shredded.

The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


In the past few years, we've seen a massive change in the information and communication, manufacturing, financial and other industries. Technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have taken over the world. Many businesses are working day and night to adopt these advanced technologies because the capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to expand and hold the potential for creating growth for businesses. The terms AI and ML are used interchangeably and--because of this--millions of people have a lot of misconceptions regarding these terms. These are highly searched terms on the internet, and are often confused to be the same.

How two Indian startups are using big data to get ahead--and stay there


Inside a glass-fronted four-storied building in the heart of Gurugram, 150 engineers are continuously tracking a fleet of 2,500 trucks as they criss-cross the country, travelling thousands of kilometres every day. Since it launched in 2014, Rivigo has built its business by solving complex logistics problems in a country with a huge infrastructure deficit. The company has devised a relay model, wherein a driver works by handing over the truck to another driver at designated pit-stops. The driver then drives the vehicle back to where he came from. This has helped Rivigo bring down the travel time required to move goods significantly.

Your fancy new car steers and brakes for you; so why keep your hands on the wheel?


USA Today's Nathan Bomey takes Cadillac's Super Cruise for a test drive. In this Friday March 23, 2018 photo provided by KTVU, emergency personnel work a the scene where a Tesla electric SUV crashed into a barrier on U.S. Highway 101 in Mountain View, Calif. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent two investigators to look into a fatal crash and fire Friday in California that involved a Tesla electric SUV. The agency says on Twitter that it's not clear whether the Tesla Model X was operating on its semi-autonomous control system called Autopilot at the time. Investigators will study the fire that broke out after the crash.

When Will Self-Driving Cars Be 'Ready'?


For the people who develop self-driving cars--the software engineers, the hardware tinkerers, the welders and the bumper-affixers, the C-Suite execs and the marketing folks paid to sell it all--the rest of the world is bit like like a kid-crowded backseat. Are we there yet? the globe asks. Sometimes, the public is excited, because autonomous vehicles promise to, perhaps, one day banish dangerous drunk, drowsy, and distracted drivers in favor of precise machines. Sometimes, the public is fearful, because loosing new technology on public streets can be frightening. Just last month, a self-driving Uber testing in the Phoenix metro area struck and killed a woman as she crossed the street.

Tesla on autopilot nearly crashes in exact same spot Model X crashed

Daily Mail

A Tesla on autopilot has nearly crashed in the same location where an Apple engineer, 38, died just weeks ago after his Model X crashed into a barrier. A video of the terrifying incident shows the Tesla starting to veer to the left and into the divider - without warning the driver. Tesla says the vehicle involved in last month's fatal crash was operating on autopilot, the latest accident to involve self-driving technology. Driver Shantanu Joshi was testing out what his Tesla would do on autopilot on Highway 101, near Highway 85, by Mountain View. 'I low key freaked out, but the car definitely starts swerving left without giving me any warnings, right into that divider,' Mr Joshi told CBS.

Why Uber's Self-Driving Crash Is Confusing for Humans


Everyone working in the autonomous vehicle space said it was inevitable. In America--and in the rest of the world--cars kill people, around 40,000 in the US and 1.25 million in the globe each year. Self-driving cars would be better. But no one promised perfection. Still, the death of Elaine Herzberg, struck by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona, two weeks ago, felt like a shock.

Uber 'disabled Volvo SUV's safety system' before car killed pedestrian

Daily Mail

'After more than a year of thorough planning, development and safety reviews, we transitioned most operations to having a single vehicle operator, without a second person to collect feedback for our engineers using a laptop in the passenger seat,' the company said in the statement. 'This transition happened slowly as we worked with our vehicle operators to make sure they were well-trained and felt comfortable with this new job. Arizona governor Doug Ducey suspended Uber's self-driving vehicle testing privileges on Monday in the wake of a pedestrian fatality in a Phoenix suburb last week. Mr Ducey said in a letter to CEO Dara Khosrowshahi that video footage showed the company's'unquestionable failure'. The crash raised concerns about the San Francisco-based company's ability to safely test its technology in Arizona, he warned.

How artificial intelligence is projected to influence the automotive industry - IoT Now - How to run an IoT enabled business


Artificial intelligence and data science are two main technologies that forms the processes of the automotive. Since 2017, Udacity selected a group of 18 talented engineers (out of hundreds of applicants) to form the Self-Racing Cars team Udacity offer the first self-driving Nanodegree program. The program was Built in partnership with Uber, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nvidia. After a huge success, Udacity introduced another Nanodegree program for the beginners. At last, MIT and university introduced their courses in the automotive industry, says Joseph Zulick of MRO Electric and Supply.

Lyft and Magna Partner to Make Self-Driving Cars for Everyone


In the increasingly fierce--if not entirely tangible--fight for the exploding self-driving car market, Lyft stands out for its free love vibes. The company encourages anyone and everyone with robo-car tech to deploy its vehicles on Lyft's ride-hailing network. In a business that could be worth trillions before long, Lyft wants to be the middleman for the everyman, the platform that will connect cars to riders--and take its slice of the money, of course. So far, Ford, Waymo, Jaguar Land Rover, and Aptiv (a self-driving spinoff from supplier Delphi) have thrown their keys in the bowl. At the same time, Lyft announced last July it was developing its own autonomous driving technology, hiring hundreds of engineers to fill a building in Palo Alto.