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This article was written by a human being who click-clacked on a keyboard until she finished a draft and sent it to an editor. But more and more, computers are taking over. In fact, the Associated Press has used "automation technology" to cover college sports since 2015. The idea isn't new--humans have obsessed over artificial intelligence (AI) since at least the 18th century, when the "Mechanical Turk" hoax led many to believe that a machine could play chess against a person and win. About 250 years later, a machine can play chess against a person and win--every time.

A pioneering scientist explains 'deep learning'


People throw around words like "artificial intelligence" and "neural networks" and "deep learning" and "machine learning" almost interchangeably.

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Nothing you've written is special enough to be worth selling or licensing, you can't use the code as proof of ability for a portfolio if you can't prove the code isn't plagiarized or badly designed and written, and it's certainly not any kind of tutorial. What you're doing doesn't fit any motives I can think of except a combination of stroking your own ego and delusion. What is your goal here, seriously?

Facebook Oculus research crafts strange mashup of John Oliver and Stephen Colbert


One thread of the recent artificial intelligence revival is crafting fakes that look and sound convincingly real, such as reproductions of paintings by known artists. Researchers at Facebook's Oculus research lab, and colleagues at Carnegie Mellon, have developed neural networks that create fake videos showing what it would be like if one person spoke in the manner of another person, or videos of a cloudy day in a place where there were actually clear skies in reality. The product of all this are videos that could be unsettling or thrilling, depending on your perspective: Comedian John Oliver's original monologue can be made to craft a new, fake sequence of video by fellow comedian Stephen Colbert, translating Oliver's expressions and mannerisms onto the likeness of Colbert. The phenomenon, known as "retargeting," has been explored for years, mainly with still images. The new research promises to refine visual fakes by employing more of the clues provided by the moment-to-moment shifts of frames in a video.

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There are lots of different ways. Fake news is a broad topic. Most of the papers published on it have stated two main aspects- Text and User. You can work on the linguistic part with the text, trying to detect fake news by analyzing text. You can even work with user information like followers, following, engagement.

Artificial intelligence is automating Hollywood. Now, art can thrive.


The next time you sit down to watch a movie, the algorithm behind your streaming service might recommend a blockbuster that was written by AI, performed by robots, and animated and rendered by a deep learning algorithm. An AI algorithm may have even read the script and suggested the studio buy the rights. It's easy to think that technology like algorithms and robots will make the film industry go the way of the factory worker and the customer service rep, and argue that artistic filmmaking is in its death throes. For the film industry, the same narrative doesn't apply -- artificial intelligence seems to have enhanced Hollywood's creativity, not squelched it. It's true that some jobs and tasks are being rendered obsolete now that computers can do them better.

There's a lion in London's Trafalgar Square that eats words and roars AI-generated poetry


The four bronze lions that surround Nelson's Column in London's Trafalgar Square are pretty passive-looking creatures. They sit on all fours and gaze blankly ahead, more sphinx than lion. Legend has it that their sculptor originally planned for the animals to be posed in more active stances, stood up on their hind legs and roaring at the square. But Queen Victoria reportedly vetoed the decision as too shocking. Now, 151 years after they were originally unveiled, the lions have a new colleague, and he is definitely turning heads. Announces Industry Leading Lineup for H2O AI World London 2018

#artificialintelligence, the open source leader in AI, today announced the latest additions to the speaker lineup for H2O AI World London, a two-day interactive event featuring deep-dive technical sessions, talks on real-world business use cases and hands-on training. With speakers from PwC, Barclays, NVIDIA, IBM, Citi and more, the conference will bring together data scientists, business analysts and executives across multiple industries to discuss the latest trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, important use cases and the biggest challenges currently facing the industry. Join in London to connect with the community and learn how to harness the full value of AI, ML, deep learning and data science from industry-recognized speakers and hands-on training sessions. Register here to secure your spot. On day one of the conference, sessions will focus on hands-on technical training for's groundbreaking products, H2O Driverless AI, H2O-3 and Sparkling Water, to empower data scientists and analysts of all levels to work on projects faster and more efficiently through automation and state-of-the-art computing power.

The combination of context information to enhance simple question answering Artificial Intelligence

Abstract--With the rapid development of knowledge base, question answering based on knowledge base has been a hot research issue. In this paper, we focus on answering singlerelation factoid questions based on knowledge base. We build a question answering system and study the effect of context information on fact selection, such as entity's notable type, outdegree. Experimental results show that context information can improve the result of simple question answering. Question answering (QA) is a classic natural language processing task, which aims at building systems that automatically answer questions formulated in natural language [1]. In recent years, several large-scale general purpose knowledge bases (KBs) have been constructed, including Freebase [2], YAGO [3], DBpedia [4] and Wikidata [5] .

Clicks, Lies and Videotape


This past April a new video of Barack Obama surfaced on the Internet. Against a backdrop that included both the American and presidential flags, it looked like many of his previous speeches. Wearing a crisp white shirt and dark suit, Obama faced the camera and punctuated his words with outstretched hands: "President Trump is a total and complete dipshit." Without cracking a smile, he continued. "Now, you see, I would never say these things. The view shifted to a split screen, revealing the actor Jordan Peele. Obama hadn't said anything--it was a real recording of an Obama address blended with Peele's impersonation. Side by side, the message continued as Peele, like a digital ventriloquist, put more words in the former president's mouth.