Your Guide to AI and Machine Learning at re:Invent 2018 Amazon Web Services


As you plan your agenda, artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly a hot topic on your list. This year we have a lot of great technical content on AI, machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL)--with over 200 breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, deep-dive chalk talks, and more. You'll hear success stories about machine learning on AWS firsthand from customers and partners such as Sony, Moody's, NFL, Intuit, 21st Century Fox, Toyota, and more. This year's re:Invent also includes the AI Summit, where thought leaders in the academic community will share their perspectives on the future of AI. Here are a few highlights of this year's lineup from the re:Invent session catalog to help you plan your event agenda.

MIT to Found AI College - AI Trends


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced a $1 billion initiative to reshape how the college operates and make artificial intelligence a part of its curriculum for all students. The shakeup is being made, MIT president L. Rafael Reif said, to "prepare students of today for the world of the future" and represents the biggest change to curriculum at the school since the 1950s. The effort will be spearheaded by a $350 million donation from from Blackstone investment firm CEO Stephen Schwarzman. An additional $300 million has been raised for the $1 billion project. The Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing will work on incorporating computing and AI into all fields of study at MIT, encouraging cross-disciplinary endeavors, and exploring ways to create a shared structure between the university's five existing schools.

Intel Movidius Intel Newsroom


Movidius, an Intel company, is transforming the future of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate innovation for the next generation of smart and connected devices. By delivering low-power, high-performance SoC platforms for accelerating perceptual computing, Movidius is at the forefront of a new era of computing that enables new levels of intelligence for drones, robots, cameras, virtual and augmented reality, and other devices at the edge.

MIT To Invest $1B In New Artificial Intelligence College


It might not be the Jetsons future you (or your parents) imagined it would be with robots and hover cars everywhere, but the robots and artificial intelligence are here. Now, MIT plans to add a $1 billion college centered around the study of it. The school has already raised some $650 million to that end. The MIT Corporation and its executive committee approved the establishment of a new college, the president of the college, L. Rafael Reif, said in an email to the community this week. The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing will be the biggest change to MIT since the early 1950s, according to the president.

Boeing creates unit to focus on super-computing that mimics the brain, hack-proof communications

The Japan Times

CHICAGO – Boeing Co. is creating a new unit to focus on technology that's seemingly straight out of science fiction, including super-fast computing that mimics the synapses of the human brain and hack-proof communications links based on applied quantum physics. So-called neuromorphic processing and quantum communications, two of the futuristic technologies Boeing wants to explore, may seem an odd fit for the world's largest plane-maker. But such concepts increasingly form the core of aerospace innovation, like the networks that may one day manage millions of airborne drones, said Greg Hyslop, Boeing's chief technology officer. The technology being developed around advanced computing and sensors is going to have a "profound impact" on Boeing, Hyslop said in an interview Wednesday. "We thought it's time to do this."

AI will impact 100% of jobs, professions, and industries, says IBM's Ginni Rometty


Businesses have entered the most rapid period of technological change in history, and artificial intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of revolutionizing the entire workforce, Ginni Rometty, chairman, president, and CEO of IBM, said in a keynote address at the 2018 Gartner Symposium/IT Expo in Orlando on Tuesday. "The pace is unabated," Rometty said. "You have to change the way you work, because this isn't going to stop." AI has become one of the great, meaningless buzzwords of our time. In this video, the Chief Data Scientist of Dun and Bradstreet explains AI in clear business terms.

How To Boost An Organization's Competitive Advantage By Using Cognitive Computing


Between AI-powered chatbots and gadget-based voice assistants, cognitive computing capabilities have captured the public imagination. But consumer products are just the tip of the iceberg. Under the surface, cognitive computing adoption in the business world is growing rapidly. In fact, IDC predicts that global spending on cognitive systems will grow to more than $31 billion by 2019. And within the next two years alone, half of all consumers are expected to interact with cognitive technology on a regular basis, even if they don't realize it.

MIT plans $1bn artificial intelligence college - News - GCR


The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing will serve as a hub for AI, computer science and data science. The college is named after Stephen Schwarzman, chairman of the Blackstone Group, who donated $350m to the project. MIT has raised a further $300m, reaching $650m of the sum needed for the development. It said further fundraising was "being actively pursued by MIT's senior administration". Rafael Reif, MIT president, said: "As computing reshapes our world, MIT intends to help make sure it does so for the good of all.

Where artificial intelligence could take agriculture


Typically, when AI is brought up around farmers, the conversation turns to how many brood cows they covered this year for breeding. In this article, AI refers to artificial intelligence. The ability to capture data on the farm has never been more readily available than it is today. Many questions about how to use and implement data are daunting and prevent producers from moving beyond the comfort of basic yield monitors and autosteer. To make the leap into data management less daunting, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and farm management information system groups have shifted their attention toward taking some of the burden out of making data-based decisions by using machine learning algorithms.

Samsung acquires network analysis firm Zhilabs for 5G prep


Samsung has acquired a Spanish network analysis firm to enhance its 5G capabilities, the company has announced. The South Korean tech giant acquired Zhilabs for an undisclosed sum with full ownership, saying it will use the latter's artificial intelligence (AI)-based network and service analytics to further enhance its 5G capabilities. Zhilabs was formed in 2008 and provides services such as root cause analysis and automated troubleshooting and optimisation to more than 50 telecommunications carriers around the world. The two will collaborate to create new technology that can be applied in the transformation from 4G to 5G, the conglomerate added. In July, Samsung unveiled its 3.5GHz and 28GHz spectrum 5G equipment and promised a timely rollout to local and global telcos.