AI, IoT, and Machine Learning, Oh My!


In 1997 IBM's Big Blue defeated chess master Garry Gasparov; In 2011 IBM Watson defeated two of Jeopardy's greatest champions; and most recently, Google's AlphaGo bested reigning champ Lee Sedol in the game of GO, a 2,500-year-old game that's exponentially more complex than chess and, form the human perspective, requires intuition as well as calculation to execute a winning strategy. Check out these expert predictions and insights into Machine Learning's impact on business: Leveraging the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to embed Machine Learning into enterprise applications was a major theme at this year's SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando. SAP's Machine-Learning strategy is customer driven and application led. SAP Predictive Analysis, including its extensive library of statistical and data mining techniques and the SAP HANA predictive analytic library, combined with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT and SAP HANA Vora software provides a solid foundation for a new breed of Machine-Learning enterprise applications that can predict the future (and take appropriate action) in real-time.

SAP StartUp Studio: A garage that can transform ideas into successful companies


In total, SAP Labs pitched 15 all-new ideas to seven VC funds. Other ideas that made an impact came from Cooey, an analytics business that enables corporates to manage employee healthcare. There was also a panel discussion with VCs like Ravi Gururaj, Sanjay Anandram, and Rahul Chowdhuri, who along with the host Shradha Sharma, founder & CEO of YourStory, discussed the entrepreneur's ability to build sustainable B2B businesses. You need to know how corporate sales cycles work and also understand that not all meetings end up in business," says Ravi Gururaj, founder and CEO of QikPod.