A day in the life of a journalist in 2027: Reporting meets AI


Here's what we came up with by extrapolating technology and journalism trends highlighted in AP's report: The sensors send an alert to his vehicle's smart dashboard: "There has been a 10 percent decrease in air quality in Springfield." He downloads images from a series of robotic cameras posted throughout the region and uses computer vision (an algorithm able to view and comprehend a photo or video with enhanced accuracy) to compare photos of the area around the factory over time. The representative, the journalist suspects, may be hiding something; voice analysis technology declares the tone of the person on the phone is "tentative" and "nervous." Sitting in his car on the way back to the newsroom, the journalist runs a voice recording of the interview through his sentiment analysis system, which determines the mother's tone to be "genuine" and "analytical."

Alexa helps Android users shop in the Amazon app


Now, however, Android owners can finally ask Alexa about package shipping, to watch a show on Netflix, or even to pay their American Express bill from the Amazon shopping app on their Google-powered handsets. According to TechCrunch, who initially reported a Twitter user's discovery of the feature, Alexa should start to roll out to Android OS Amazon shopping app users this week. While Android users can already use voice search in Amazon's shopping app, it makes sense to upgrade that to something more robust like Alexa. At least there's parity between the Amazon apps for both Android and iPhone users.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Banking BFSI


Various AI solutions have already been implemented in banking across various areas like core banking, operations efficiency, customer facing services and analytics. Our key developments in the Artificial Intelligence space includes HDFC Bank OnChat – An AI based e-commerce chatbot on facebook, Programmatic Ad Bidding – AI based ad bidding tool for digital marketing, HDFC Bank Ask "Eva" – AI based FAQ & customer service assistant and HDFC Bank "IRA" – Our Intelligent Robotic Assistant at branches. The realm of innovations pertaining to artificial intelligence extends to recruitment, customer service, core banking, employee training and engagement, operational efficiency, analytics and e – commerce. HDFC Bank OnChat is a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, wherein user can interact, confirm and pay for services within chat itself without any additional app download.

This Is Microsoft's Gorgeous New Nest Competitor


Following a demonstration of how its Cortana virtual assistant would work in cars and living rooms last May, the company just revealed it's working on a smart thermostat called GLAS. Contrasted with rivals like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Honeywell Lyric, both of which have round shapes that resemble more traditional thermostats, GLAS appears to be a sleek, transparent touchscreen mounted on a wall. The screen can also be used to summarize energy savings, display a calendar and outline air quality. The news also comes as an increasing number of home devices are adding support for Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant.

Essential Phone PH-1 will be launching later this year

Daily Mail

Executives from the California company met with UK operators, including EE, last week to thrash out a deal. Executives from the California company met with UK operators, including EE, last week to thrash out a deal. It also boasts Qualcomm's high-end Snapdragon 835 processor and what Essential claims is'one of the world's best phone cameras' But almost 50 days later customers who pre-ordered are still waiting, with no word from Essential on when they can expect them to arrive. Alongside the Essential phone, Andy Rubin has unveiled a new home assistant to rival Apple's upcoming Siri Speaker.

Google to radically change homepage for first time since 1996

The Guardian

While most of the new features are iterative, with some form of them available in the Google search apps already, the addition of the Google feed to the main desktop sites will mark one of the biggest changes to Google's approach to search. But iGoogle was only shown to those who were logged in and had selected to use iGoogle, rather than the default simple search box Google homepage. How it will look and work on the desktop and whether it will include the search company's voice assistant Google Assistant is not yet known. The mobile feed also contains things such as boarding passes and calendar events based on things taken from Gmail and Google calendar.

It's Time for Amazon to Make a Phone Again. Seriously


Make a pretty good product at a compelling price, give it a marquee banner ad on the homepage, and watch the sales roll in. It doesn't take a Spielbergian imagination to picture it: A $99 AmazonBasics phone–the "Fire Phone" branding is still toxic at this point anyway–preferably running stock Android with a thick Alexa patina, but all Google services intact. Amazon has 80 million Prime subscribers, according to recent research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Confidence that Prime members will spend more in the long run allows Amazon to offer Prime benefits on the cheap: Emmy-winning streaming video, two-day shipping, unlimited photo storage, and much more as part of the base package; a streaming music service that undercuts Spotify; steeply discounted diapers.

Lenovo reveals AR headset and other ambitious AI concepts


At its third annual Tech World innovation summit, it has revealed not just a couple of new Yogabook colors, but also the concept products it's most proud of, including an augmented reality headset and a smart speaker-projector. It doesn't need to be connected to a phone or a PC, and the company expects developers to use its homegrown AR platform to create apps for the device. If the smart speaker-projector ever becomes a real product, Lenovo wants to give it the ability to recognize sounds and objects, as well as to deliver AR experiences by projecting images onto a wall or a screen. Lenovo is also eyeing the creation of an AI assistant called CAVA that's smarter than Siri and Alexa.

Clara Labs nabs $7M Series A as it positions its AI assistant to meet the needs of enterprise teams


Integrations with core systems like Slack, CRMs and job applicant tracking systems will help Clara keep engagement numbers high while feeding machine learning models new edge cases to improve the quality of the entire product. "Scheduling is different if you're a sales person and your sales team is measured by the total number of meetings scheduled," Nelson told me in an interview. Xuezhao Lan of Basis Set Ventures will be joining the Clara Labs board of directors as the company moves into its next phase of growth. Today's Clara deal is one of the first public deals to involve the recently formed $136 million AI-focused Basis Set fund.

Bixby Release Date Features: Here's What You Can Do With Samsung's Voice Assistant

International Business Times

As with most of the major virtual assistants, Bixby Home will also host a general hub page. While reminder apps are a standard option on most virtual assistants and smartphones, Bixby's reminders app adds some additional features to the function. This diversity in assistant voices has also started to become popularized -- in its upcoming iOS 11 update, Apple plans to add a male Siri option. The company has reportedly explored adding the assistant onto some home appliances, depending on if the market for smart home assistant-powered appliances grows accordingly.