Swiping sucks, so here are 6 dating sites for guys to find love


As a 2017 study points out, we used to end up with people who we were somehow connected to, whether friends of friends, classmates, or neighbors. Online dating, however, changed the game, and people who meet through tech-based dating tend to be total strangers. It's not easy to get to know someone through an app, and if you're looking for a relationship, tech-based dating usually means wading through hundreds of profiles looking for a casual fling. If you're a guy looking for love, here are six dating apps and sites that will help you find "the one" -- you just might have to do a lot of searching, first. Coffee Meets Bagel may appeal to singles who are tired of endlessly swiping without any feedback or interest from others.

6 Success Factors for Workplace Chatbots


Consumer and workplace chatbots share the same technology, but there are some fundamental differences between the two. Consumer chatbots tend to be narrower in focus and deal with high volumes of shallow requests. Workplace chatbots, by contrast, have to deal with a diverse range of tasks, and these individual tasks may be more complex too. Chatbots are not yet ready for casual implementation, but with the right groundwork they can add value. Many of my clients have been asking how chatbots can best be deployed, so I've distilled my advice into six things you need to have in place for a workplace chatbot to succeed.

Artificial Intelligence And It's Role In Mobile App Development


Well, AI or artificial intelligence is the branch of science that usually design and develop intelligent machines that totally work and react like humans. It is a brilliant way of impacting aptitude to advanced machines so they can troubleshoot problems themselves even more accurately, efficiently and rapidly than before. A big number of well know companies and organizations are successfully using artificial intelligence in their business operations not only to accomplish their business process efficiently but to boost the productivity as well. As mobile app development companies are using AI in business app development projects, it can boost competency of a company or business as it provides more personalized, relevant and flawless customer services at the end. Companies can easily understand customer behavior just by using the data collected by artificial intelligence in mobile apps.

Xiaomi, Aramco Will Likely List in Hong Kong, Exchange Chief Says WSJD - Technology

The proposed changes include permitting IPOs that restrict shareholders' voting rights, secondary listings by Chinese and international companies already listed elsewhere and primary listings by unprofitable biotech firms. The reforms are set to become effective April 30. The exchange will begin taking listing applications in early May, Mr. Li said. "This probably is the largest reform we've ever had in the last 25 years," he said, adding that it's "only a matter of time" before the likes of Alibaba and Xiaomi list in Hong Kong. Mr. Li is one of several speakers who are discussing some of the most compelling ideas emerging globally.

Why Chatbots Will Soon Kill the App Store - The New Stack


"Conversation is the command line of tomorrow," so asserted Daniel Harvey, experience design director at the SapientNitro marketing agency, speaking at the Interact UK conference earlier this month. The command-line interface (CLI) dates back to the 1960s and has long offered us an efficient way to have computers do our bidding, as long as the right syntax and grammar are in place. "It's very much the case where you can actually live in just Messenger and get everything done that you need to do." -- Daniel Harvey In our new world of chatbots, we are following right in line with the CLI, but without anyone having to type a word. From Siri to IBM's dear Watson, the conversational user interface is taking over where apps left off. Chatbots can interact with humans to learn what they are looking for and perhaps guide them to the correct place.

Machine Learning App: How to Implement AI and ML Into Your App - DZone AI


In recent years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality have taken mobile app development by storm. When is it reasonable to build a machine learning app? With Apple and Google both encouraging developers to use these technologies -- and making it easier to do so -- businesses can vastly benefit by increasing user satisfaction and engagement by utilizing AI and ML. Are you wondering if you can implement AI for your business? There are numerous uses for AI in web and mobile applications.

Walk-Out-To-Pay For The Average Merchant


There could be so much more to a cashier-less checkout experience -- and for so much less than what Amazon is spending to do it at its bespoke Amazon Go convenience and grocery stores. That's not to say Amazon Go is a bad system; it just won't work for every merchant. As Amazon Go has demonstrated, walking out the door to pay may be the ultimate in terms of a seamless checkout experience. Customers at the eCommerce giant's brick-and-mortar mini-mart simply go around the store adding the items they need to their shopping cart, then leave the store -- triggering an invisible payment to initiate using their Amazon account. One of the main problems with Amazon's technology, however, is that creating the experience requires heavy investments in hardware that not every retailer can afford to make.

Elite Dating Apps And Their Effect On America's Wealth Inequality

International Business Times

Elite dating apps are conspicuously widening the wealth gap in America, and everyone seems to be perfectly fine with it. Apps like the League, Tinder Select and Raya have become a convenient tool for rich singles to hook up with their fellow rich singles, leaving no room for people with measly income to join their privileged dating game. Bloomberg's Jeanna Smialek wrote Tuesday about how elite dating apps continue to worsen the wealth inequality in the U.S. due to their rules and regulations that cater only to the rich and the moneyed. One such app that Smialek tackled in her piece is the League, a social and dating mobile application that launched in 2015 and available only in select cities of the country. The League was intentionally made for those who are looking for love from people belonging to a high socioeconomic status.

Meet GERI, the artificial intelligence personal coach


SINGAPORE - Personal trainers can be expensive but for those looking to get fit, they can also provide the right motivation. Now you can install the personal coach GERI on your mobile device for free. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), GERI is designed to help users achieve their fitness goals. First, users select one out of four "health goals" - gaining muscle, losing weight, feeling better or getting fitter - on the application called GETGREAT. GERI, the personal coach on the app, will then assign the relevant programmes.

The Lighthouse security camera uses AI to recognize your family and your pets

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Security cameras have come a long way from the dumb, unblinking eyes that looked out over our homes just a few years ago. Now, AI tech is increasingly important for things like face and behavior recognition so your camera can alert you when something is up without bombarding you with unnecessary alerts. Lighthouse isn't a big name like Ring or Amazon, but its stand-alone security camera has a lot of smart features, even if the video quality won't blow you away with its fidelity. The initial setup is incredibly simple. You download the app, connect to the camera, bring it onto your home network and then you're pretty much good to go.