The latest iPhones show why A.I. is the new electricity


The "Neural Engine" is designed to work with Apple's Core ML developer tools, which exist for app developers to gain easy access to the power of machine learning. If you were to list the emerging technologies that will define the coming few decades, these might include augmented and virtual reality, self-driving cars, gene therapy and many others.

Doctor Hazel, an AI aimed at skin cancer detection, is latest in a long line


Engineers participating in a hackathon last weekend demonstrated an artificial intelligence that they say could someday detect cancerous moles, TechCrunch reports. Apps, mobile platforms, and camera devices designed to evaluate moles and estimate skin cancer risk have a long history filled with successes and failures. That same year, University of Michigan Health System physicians launched UMSkinCheck featuring reminders and instructions for patients to self-examine their moles and skin lesions over time. The FTC alleged that the marketers of both mole photography-based apps "deceptively claimed the apps accurately analyzed melanoma risk," and that the marketers had insufficient evidence to make these claims.

How chatbots can improve customer service


Also known as virtual agents, IM bots and artificial conversational entities, chatbots are computer programmes that can respond to text or verbal commands and questions, providing advice in the place of a human staff member. "Their rise is being driven by several converging trends: the popularity of messaging apps, the explosion of the app ecosystem, advancements in AI and cognitive technologies, conversational user interfaces and a wider reach of automation," he explains. "Conversational marketing or customer service provided by chatbots is an effective way for brands to have a one-on-one conversation with their customers, learn what they care about, and build long-term relationships to better serve them." "They're beginning to use automation bots to automate order downloads; instantly allocate and fulfil orders; change the order status based on payment, allocation and fulfilment status; and send the order to the warehouse for fulfilment and shipping," he says.

How To Build A Charming (And Useful) Chatbot –


It started because I was curious about conversational interfaces and natural language processing, but it's turned into more than that. Here are a few I've picked up from my first year with Growthbot: All chatbots are powered by natural language processing (NLP), a type of artificial intelligence. Your average chatbot is less intelligent than your average email service provider. Remember, your chat logs are basically the focus group to end all focus groups.

14 Benefits and Forces That Are Driving The Internet of Things


For example: it is already true that sensors on a single Boeing aircraft jet engine can generate 20 terabytes of data per hour; the future astronomy optical telescope LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) will produce about 200 petabytes of data in its survey lifetime; and the future astronomy radio telescope ensemble SKA (Square Kilometer Array) will alone produce several exabytes per day as it senses the changes and behaviors of objects in the Universe. Supply Chain Analytics – delivering just-in-time products at the point of need (including the use of RFID-based tracking). One of the major developers of IoT in the industrial environment is GE – check out the excellent recent article on "GE's Vision for the Industrial Internet of Things". Several big data platforms are beginning to investigate the data challenges, communication standards, analytics requirements, and technology responses that the Internet of Things will bring to operational analytics and supply chain environments, but very few are architected to handle IoT.

Genius new uses for that old iPhone


USA Today contributor Jennifer Jolly shows us some absolutely genius're-uses' for an that old iPhone that you have lying around the house. A Bedside Smartphone Vase turns your old smartphone into a nightstand buddy. For music, your options are endless -- Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Apple Music -- and there's some great third party alarm apps like the Wake Alarm Clock with its big "slap to snooze" button. Jennifer Jolly is an Emmy Award-winning consumer tech contributor and host of USA TODAY's digital video show TECH NOW.

Mobile App Trends for 2017 (Infographic) - Haneke Design


Every day, consumers are getting smarter and smarter, challenging businesses and app developers to quickly adapt to the changing digital landscape. Technology is improving when it comes to location-based trackers, so you can now offer real time deals based on the user's location alone. In December, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a playful video showing new Artificial Intelligence technology being developed, called Jarvis. Combining artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things will allow developers to further predict and personalize digital experiences.

Every company in future will need to embrace digital


Companies of the future are going to be reliant upon new digital services built on rapidly accelerating technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and robotics process automation (RPA). Other companies are thinking bigger – overhauling their entire approach to work, which makes them digital disrupters. Global pest control company Rentokil is piloting an AI app to help its almost 5,000 pest control technicians fight bugs faster for customers. By using pictures captured with smartphone cameras, pests are automatically identified by comparison with a machine learning model trained on a large corpus of Rentokil's existing pest imagery.

Machine Learning Helps Small Farmers Identify Plant Pests And Diseases


The UN Food & Agricultural Organization says 20% to 40% of all global crops are lost each year because of plant pests and diseases that aren't managed properly. "There's a huge gap between agricultural consultancy and people's needs on the ground in emerging countries," says Korbinian Hartberger, one of four cofounders of PEAT, the startup that develops the free-to-use app. PEAT has trained its algorithms using thousands of pictures of affected plants, allowing the app to recognize telltale patterns as farmers upload new pictures. They're currently sending in about 5,000 pictures a day and the app is able to recognize up to 400 diseases or pests.

Kodak's app and chatbot will scour your photos for forgotten gems


Well, Kodak Moments -- the photo-printing division of Kodak Alaris -- has updated its app and introduced a new Facebook chatbot, both of which will pore over your photos on Facebook or those stored in your phone's camera roll and pick out images that qualify as a "Kodak Moment." Both the updated "Kodak Moments" app from the company and its Moments Assistant Facebook bot use algorithms and AI to figure out which of your photos might be worth resurfacing. "Once we display images that people may have forgotten about on premium products with an option to immediately physically share, we expect to make money from the prints and the photo-products that we sell," Kodak Moments' Chief Marketing Officer Rob Smith told Fast Company. Some have found that these services don't do a particularly good job at finding photos you might want to see again.