Watson Is Just the Beginning


At the Kellogg School's first Computational Social Science Summit, David Ferrucci, the lead scientist behind IBM's Watson computer, sat down with Kellogg School professor Brian Uzzi to discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence will become central to the future of business. In the first of these videos, Ferrucci gives an overview of the five ways machine learning will be transformative. Computational social science aims to discover universal facts. Smarter machines are freeing up students to collaborate, solve problems, design, and innovate.

Watson gains traction in Brazil ZDNet


IBM is moving forward with its plans to promote its cognitive computing platform Watson in Brazil, one of the main target markets for the company. The bank has now announced that it will make its Watson-based artificial intelligence system available to end consumers. IBM's cognitive computing system, Watson, is more than just a champion Jeopardy contestant. Insurance conglomerate SulAmérica has also been using Watson as part of its own digital transformation process and is one of IBM's first Brazilian clients to go live with a pilot of the artificial intelligence platform.

IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !


Over the last couple of days, I have seen a bunch of articles on my social media feed that are based on a research report from Jefferies' James Kisner criticizing IBM Watson. As much as I am a geek who wants to make my opinions known on technology topics, I am also an IBM executive, and I run a part of IBM GBS business in North America that also includes services on IBM Watson (including Watson Health) . IBM Watson does not share one client's data with another client This design principle is very key to enterprise clients. Beyond oncology, Watson is in use by nearly half of the top 25 life sciences companies.

Billionaire Mark Cuban: The Rise of Technology Will Cause a Lot of Unemployment


Billionaire Mark Cuban made an appearance today in New York City's Central Park at the second annual "OZY Fest", and he didn't disappoint. Watson first asked if any of the panelists would join President Trump's cabinet. Cuban proclaimed that he wouldn't join Trump's cabinet, but he would meet with the President to converse about the state of our nation. Cuban also touched upon artificial intelligence during a one-on-one panel with Watson.

Why isn't IBM's Watson supercomputer making money?


A scathing report from investment bank Jefferies claims that from an earnings per share perspective "it seems unlikely to us under almost any scenario that Watson will generate meaningful earnings results over the next few years". While exact figures for Watson aren't given, Jefferies pulled together a range of information, including market research data and public filings, to build financial models predicting Watson's future prospects. "Watson services are offered on either a subscription or a pay-per-use basis and everyone can get started for free," an IBM spokesperson told WIRED. "Watson is clearly part of IBM's Strategic Imperatives, whose figures are reported," an IBM spokesperson told WIRED when quizzed on whether the supercomputer is making any money.

Tutorial: Putting a human face on machine learning - IBM Data Science Experience


This model can subsequently be saved and deployed to Watson Machine Learning on IBM Bluemix and called for scoring in real-time. This tutorial is a continuation of the following logistic regression analysis, which creates, trains, saves and deploys a logistic regression model that predicts the possibility for a tent purchase based on age, sex, marital status, and job profession for an individual. In the templates folder, create a file called score.html and copy the following lines of code into the file you create. You have completed this tutorial that demonstrates how a deployed model in IBM Watson Machine Learning can be called in real time for scoring.

The World in 2025: 8 Predictions for the Next 10 Years


By 2025, the IoE will exceed 100 billion connected devices, each with a dozen or more sensors collecting data. We will grow from three to eight billion connected humans, adding five billion new consumers into the global economy.

Siri talks to HAL 9000 about A.I. sexism


Science fiction has shaped the aesthetics and sounds of tech today. So, here's a question: what if Apple's Siri talked to 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL 9000? The subject: why Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have feminine voices and why HAL - not to mention, IBM's Watson - talk like guys.

A 101 on Natural Language Processing in Business Centric Digital


Benchmarked by industry forerunners and expanding explosively by its own methodology, the best customer experiences in natural language processing (NLP) are found through continued and correct application: a surprisingly difficult task, given the subtleties of human expression. The first companies to address this digital mass – Google, Yahoo, eBay – built broad-based search engines to identify and isolate monetizable elements of this new medium, and to provide a clear map of what was worth seeing and experiencing on the web, based on each search engine's proprietary means of scoring content relevance. Machine learning addresses the question of data relevancy with natural language processing (NLP). The route to replicating the best customer experiences in NLP, as already benchmarked by industry forerunners, lies in continued and correct application.

IBM's AI Is Improving Healthcare By Advancing Cancer, Schizophrenia Research

International Business Times

A team of researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada and tech giant IBM has developed artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which can diagnose schizophrenia by studying the blood flow of the brain. The study of the human brain has been a challenging medical field, especially brain related ailments such as Schizophrenia. The team behind the research also aims to employ the algorithm in research for other diseases such as Huntington's disease, and provide a better insight into a brain afflicted with them. The company's AI software called Watson is being employed in genomics research for cancer.