'Dota 2' pro destroyed by AI player from an Elon Musk start-up


Elon Musk, noted artificial intelligence worrywart, backs the tech firm behind a robot brain that was smart enough to take down a Dota 2 pro this week. The goal is to eventually assemble a full team of AI bots for 5v5 matches and, further down the road, to mix AI players in with human players on a single team. As you weigh all of this, remember again: Elon Musk, AI fearmonger extraordinaire, is an OpenAI founder. Teaching a robot brain to play battle-oriented strategy games... what could go wrong?

AI, Robotics, And The Future Of Precision Agriculture


Smart money VCs like Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel Partners, Khosla Ventures, Lux Capital, and Data Collective have invested in general-purpose drone and computer vision companies with a focus on agricultural applications, like DJI and Orbital Insight, as well as ag tech startups like Blue River Technology. Orbital Insight has raised $78.7M in totally funding, including a $50M Series C round in Q1'17 backed by investors including Lux Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Google Ventures. In-field monitoring: This category includes drone manufactures with a focus on agriculture, as well as startups working on computer vision algorithms to process the data captured by drones and other on-field cameras. The National Science Foundation grantee is backed by smart money VCs Data Collective and Khosla Ventures.

Artificial intelligence without the hype - UnHerd


A prime example is the field of artificial intelligence or AI. "there are a whole lot of very bad articles on AI (news articles and public interest articles) being published in newspapers and magazines. Step-by-step, Togelius explains how it is that journalists buy-in to their own hype, aided and abetted by AI researchers who "always have something to sell". There's a reason why researchers and developers specialize in applications of AI to specific domains, such as robotics, games or translation: when building a system to solve a problem, lots of knowledge about the actual problem ('domain knowledge') is included in the system."