Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise – Using Meta-Vision to Disrupt Business Models for Products and Service


For a compilation of business intelligence, Meta-Vision instantly understands what's important, automatically finds context, curates supporting facts (drawn from the data source), and creates a custom topology of machine-generated hashtags – mapping subject matter by Context Discriminants[2] – in seconds. Meta-Vision identified product weaknesses of the Lenovo Yoga 910 were a noisy PC fan and poor keyboard design. Meta-Vision topology corroborated the findings from the Earned Media analysis – a noisy PC fan and poor keyboard design – also negatively impacted the user experience. From product managers to sales and marketing, Meta-Vision empowers business teams to fully leverage information to elevate their execution, connect the dots, and tactically maximize outcomes and mitigate risk with disruptive decision-making.

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We want to find things, buy things, move money and complete transactions from anywhere at anytime. John Boyd, a renowned military strategist, taught that life is a process of adaption, and that winners will find ways to exploit change and to adapt to it in order to win. Boyd taught that adapting and winning requires three things, 1) People, 2) Ideas, and 3) Things - in that order. As the tempo of change increases and we move beyond "human time" into "digital time" (the speed at which computers can operate) we must adopt new strategies for succeeding in ambiguity.

3 Strategies to Leverage AI in Business 7wData


Latest advances in artificial intelligence have triggered large scale changes in every industry. Let us explore three such critical strategies that leaders must have to harness the powers of artificial intelligence. Consequently, leaders must have a strategy to cut through the clutter and identify how their organizations can use artificial intelligence to create positive outcomes for the business and customers. When asked about the factors that might be hindering progress of AI in business Eric Brynjolfsson, author and professor at MIT Sloan School, has remarked, "What's not holding us back is the technology, what is holding us back is the imagination of business executives to use these new tools in their businesses.