Why Cybersecurity Needs a Human in the Loop


Cognitive security, or artificial intelligence, can "understand" natural language, and is a logical and necessary next step to take advantage of this increasingly massive corpus of intelligence that exists. Pairing humans and cognitive security solutions will help make sense of all this data with speed and precision, accomplishing response in a fraction of the time. Deep Blue as it is Kasparov consulting with Deep Blue before deciding on his next move against an unknown opponent. Defense works best when people and machine work together.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Beat the Competition


Using natural language processing, it's able to separate the wheat from the chaff so your human moderators can bypass spam and prioritize your actual customers' concerns. Here's where Smart Moderation shines: because spam and troll comments are erased by the AI within a minute of its posting, you'll only see engagement from your actual customers (or prospective customers) when monitoring mentions of your brand, which means no time is wasted wading through nonsense. Your team will thank you for implementing such a smooth system that allows them to prioritize and deal with more customers than before--helping your business' reputation for good service against competition. We're still in the early days of utilizing AI for business applications, but AI community monitoring tools like Smart Moderation make it easy to jump on the bandwagon and remain competitive in this new realm of marketing.