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When Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing Collide


Both artificial intelligence and social media marketing are getting a lot of attention nowadays because of their huge benefits and growth potential. This feature can be used in various ways by the brands for developing their social media marketing strategies to further increase the reach and success of their social media marketing campaign. There are many creative social media marketers who are awesome at creating awesome contents. The various AI tools help them to collect the valuable insights from the data collected through various social media platforms to get incredible insights on the customer taste and preferences.

Agilean Solutions: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Project Management


Since project management involves day-to-day execution and administration of projects, AI integrated project management demands an algorithm that pertains machine learning to estimate task and eliminate the manual and unnecessary job. Thus, it entails an amalgamation of bots and algorithms as project managers have a daunting variety of responsibilities. Bangalore, India-based Agilean, is one among the few companies to perceive that an advanced project management AI can automate simple tasks and can also develop an understanding of key project performance. Setting the bar a little higher, Agilean developed a voice-powered automated workflow project management platform by leveraging AI and the natural language processing.

Neural Language Modeling From Scratch (Part 1)


The decoder is a simple function that takes a representation of the input word and returns a distribution which represents the model's predictions for the next word: the model assigns to each word the probability that it will be the next word in the sequence. This model is similar to the simple one, just that after encoding the current input word we feed the resulting representation (of size 200) into a two layer LSTM, which then outputs a vector also of size 200 (at every time step the LSTM also receives a vector representing its previous state- this is not shown in the diagram). In the input embedding, words that have similar meanings are represented by similar vectors (similar in terms of cosine similarity). Because the model would like to, given the RNN output, assign similar probability values to similar words, similar words are represented by similar vectors.

Introducing Social Hash Partitioner, a scalable distributed hypergraph partitioner


As a single host has limited storage and compute resources, our storage systems shard data items over multiple hosts and our batch jobs execute over clusters of thousands of workers, to scale and speed-up the computation. Our VLDB'17 paper, Social Hash Partitioner: A Scalable Distributed Hypergraph Partitioner, describes a new method for partitioning bipartite graphs while minimizing fan-out. We describe the resulting framework as a Social Hash Partitioner (SHP) because it can be used as the hypergraph partitioning component of the Social Hash framework introduced in our earlier NSDI'16 paper. The fan-out reduction model is applicable to many infrastructure optimization problems at Facebook, like data sharding, query routing and index compression.

Preparing the Network for AI and Machine Learning - insideBIGDATA


Other organizations can leverage business data to drive data-informed project management, allowing business leaders to more accurately determine how long certain operations may take and will cost. The fundamentals of these technologies are rooted in data-driven algorithms that enable machines to develop learned responses or predictive capabilities. As a result, with AI and machine learning comes data--big data--that requires resources to be allocated, not only specialists like programmers, but additional on-premises resources such as storage, server CPUs, networking bandwidth, and cloud-hosted storage services. As businesses look to develop their digital transformation strategies and create unique competitive advantage, AI and machine learning are increasingly considered the keys to unlocking the value of an organization's accumulated data.

How AI Protects PayPal's Payments and Performance The Official NVIDIA Blog


With advances in machine learning and the deployments of neural networks, logistic regression-powered models are expanding their uses throughout PayPal. PayPal's deep learning system is able to filter out deceptive merchants and crack down on sales of illegal products. Kutsyy explained the machines can identify "why transactions fail, monitoring businesses more efficiently," avoiding the need to buy more hardware for problem solving. The AI Podcast is available through iTunes, DoggCatcher, Google Play Music, Overcast, PlayerFM, Podbay, Pocket Casts, PodCruncher, PodKicker, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

What is hardcore data science – in practice?


For example, for personalized recommendations, we have been working with learning to rank methods that learn individual rankings over item sets. Figure 1: Typical data science workflow, starting with raw data that is turned into features and fed into learning algorithms, resulting in a model that is applied on future data. This means that this pipeline is iterated and improved many times, trying out different features, different forms of preprocessing, different learning methods, or maybe even going back to the source and trying to add more data sources. Probably the main difference between production systems and data science systems is that production systems are real-time systems that are continuously running.

Experts predict when machines will be better than you at your job


The experts predict that AI will outperform humans in the next 10 years in tasks such as translating languages (by 2024), writing high school essays (by 2026), and driving trucks (by 2027). Forty years is an important number when humans make predictions because it is the length of most people's working lives. To find out if different groups made different predictions, Grace and co looked at how the predictions changed with the age of the researchers, the number of their citations (i.e., their expertise), and their region of origin. While North American researchers expect AI to outperform humans at everything in 74 years, researchers from Asia expect it in just 30 years.

MIT aims to pry open 'black box' of machine learning systems


The conference was a joint effort between the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and MIT to bring industry and academic experts together to discuss advances in artificial intelligence (AI). The computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory, aka CSAIL, at MIT wants to shed light on the black box of today's machine learning systems with a new initiative, SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL. In its quest to shed light on machine learning's black box, SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL had to break down some academic barriers. The program joins the research teams that develop algorithms at MIT with the research teams that develop the large-scale systems the algorithms run on.

AI startups are ready to take on Fortune 500


In another example of disruption through AI, travel companies have begun using behavioral data and predictive analytics to customize brand experiences based on individuals' preferences and patterns. Automating IT functions alone reduces expenses by 14 to 28 percent, so companies that launch using automated services quickly establish a financial advantage over larger, legacy-burdened competitors. Some tech experts believe that the current generation of applied AI systems, such as predictive analytics, will give small businesses advantages through increased automation and efficiency. New BI platforms offer data visualization, customer relationship management programs, and other critical BI services.