Mercedes-Benz Partners With NVIDIA For AI Car

International Business Times

As a company, NVIDIA might be best known in the graphics card and gaming market, but its latest project and partnership with Mercedes-Benz is a notable departure. At CES 2017, NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz announced plans to bring a vehicle with Nvidia-powered AI to market by the end of the year. During a keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and Mercedes-Benz VP of Digital Vehicle and Mobility Sajjad Khan Sajjad Khan, Jen-Hsun announced the initial stages of the project, which started three years ago. "When our teams came together there was instant chemistry," Jen-Hsun said. "We share a common vision about how AI can change your driving experience and make it more enjoyable."

CES 2017: New Nvidia Shield TV Comes With 4K HDR Streaming, Google Assistant

International Business Times

Nvidia has announced a refresh of its Shield TV streaming and gaming set-top box at CES 2017. The new Nvidia Shield TV delivers better streaming quality, support for Google Assistant as well as better overall performance. The new Nvidia Shield TV now comes with 4K HDR video support. That feature will only be taken advantage of by people who have 4K HDR TVs as well as those subscribed to services that offer that type of streaming quality. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix already have some 4K HDR content, but users will also be able to stream regular 4K content from the likes of YouTube, Vudu and Google Play, as pointed out by Android Authority.