Get ready for Audis with artificial intelligence CTV News


Audi and Nvidia are putting their partnership into high gear with the aim of putting cars with artificial intelligence on the road by 2020. The ambitious project, detailed at CES in Las Vegas is, according to both companies, the best way for cars to become truly autonomous and genuinely capable of coping with the everyday complexities of real-world driving and of learning as they go. At the 2016 NIPS Artificial Intelligence Conference in Barcelona in December, Audi demonstrated a miniature prototype AI car -- a scale model of the Q2 SUV -- that was laden with sensors. It autonomously drove around an alien space learning where obstacles were, developing a real-time map of the space in its digital mind and after some trial and error could drive straight to a confined parking space and navigate into it every time. However, for CES, the demonstrations are very much full-scale.

Nvidia sets high target for 2017


Nvidia Corp. was on a victory lap at CES 2017 after recording monster stock growth in 2016, but it wasn't all horn-tooting. The company also unveiled new business plans that it hopes will maintain its stock momentum through the next few years. Clad in his token black leather jacket, Nvidia NVDA, 1.34% CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made three noteworthy announcements on the CES keynote stage in Las Vegas earlier this week. The first few were in Nvidia's traditional terrain: gaming, where its graphics processing chips have been used in high-powered videogames. But the other two focused on its newer operating segments: artificial intelligence and driverless cars, where it hopes to squeeze out even more juice over the long term.