Autonomous Vehicles

Intel Outside as Other Companies Prosper from AI Chips


Large Internet companies are using it to roll out online services that understand images and speech, and deep-learning chips are being designed into drones, driverless cars, and other products in the much-ballyhooed "Internet of things." But it has taken a commanding lead in the nascent deep-learning market since big Internet companies discovered how well graphics chips could handle AI-related jobs. Knupath, which was started by former NASA chief Dan Goldin, announced an AI chip called Hermosa in June, along with software to link up 512,000 Hermosas and other chips. DJI, the world's largest drone maker, designed a "visual processing unit" made by Movidius into its new Phantom 4 model.

Nvidia CEO bets on artificial intelligence as the future of computing


Huang said deep learning will be the basis for the entire computer industry, including data centers and the cloud, for years to come. Huang also said he believes AI and deep learning will transform data centers and cloud services. Rajat Monga, a Google technical lead and manager of TensorFlow, an open source software library for machine learning that was developed at Google, said the company thinks deep learning will infuse every Google service, including new areas such as robotics. It's what he called the world's first car computing platform powered by deep learning.