The average AI job commands six figures--here are the top 15 companies hiring talent right now


Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, agrees that AI development will lead to unfounded innovation in a variety of sectors, which will ultimately increase job opportunities. "If you look at human history, any time there has been some major technological innovation, you ultimately have some significant increase in productivity that then creates the need for a new set of industries, a new set of jobs," says Levie. Chuck Edward, Microsoft's head of global talent acquisition, confirmed that artificial intelligence is one of the most in-demand industries in an interview with CNBC Make It and a quick google search shows hundreds of open positions within the company. IBM has also revamped its hiring practices in order to find fresh talent to fill these new AI roles. Joanna Daly, IBM's vice president of talent, tells CNBC Make It that the company will now now be focusing on skill-based hiring rather than education level.

Advanced Analytics with Power BI and R


Dr. Leila Etaati gained her PhD in University of Auckland. She is world well-known speaker in Machine Learning and Analytics topics, and spoke in world's best international conferences in Data Platform topics, such as; PASS Summits, Data Insight Summit, PASS Rally, SQL Nexus, Microsoft Ignite, and so on. She has more than 10 years experience in Data Mining and Analytics. She is also Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) because of her dedication on Microsoft Analytics and Machine Learning technologies. She writes blog posts in RADACAD and also publishes YouTube videos in our channel.

What is Azure Databricks?


Azure Databricks (documentation and user guide) was announced at Microsoft Connect, and with this post I'll try to explain its use case. At a high level, think of it as a tool for curating and processing massive amounts of data and developing, training and deploying models on that data, and managing the whole workflow process throughout the project. It is for those who are comfortable with Apache Spark as it is 100% based on Spark and is extensible with support for Scala, Java, R, and Python alongside Spark SQL, GraphX, Streaming and Machine Learning Library (Mllib). It has built-in integration with Azure Blog Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW), Cosmos DB, Azure Event Hub, Apache Kafka for HDInsight, and Power BI (see Spark Data Sources). Think of it as an alternative to HDInsight (HDI) and Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA).

Anaconda and Microsoft Partner to Deliver Python-Powered Machine Learning


Strata Data Conference, NEW YORK––September 26, 2017––Anaconda, Inc., the most popular Python data science platform provider, today announced it is partnering with Microsoft to embed Anaconda into Azure Machine Learning, Visual Studio and SQL Server to deliver data insights in real time. Microsoft and Anaconda will partner to deliver Anaconda for Microsoft, a subset of the Anaconda distribution available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Anaconda, Inc. will also offer a range of support options for Anaconda for Microsoft. Python is the leading data science language and Anaconda is the most popular Python data science distribution with over 4.5 million active users. Anaconda for Microsoft will initially be included in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Machine Learning Server, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

Say No More: Verbal Data Models - DATAVERSITY


Click to learn more about author Thomas Frisendal. "Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, say no more". Says British Eric Idle in the third Monty Python's Flying Circus episode, "How to Recognise Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away" from 1969. Indeed, it should not be necessary to say more, once you have gotten your data model together. What should we expect from a data model?

Baig's best tech picks of 2017 will eat at your wallet


The new iPhoneX has a less alarming price tag if you do a trade-in deal at one of the four major carriers. These were among the standout products I've checked out these past 12 months. Though some of the entries on my chosen list made it on potential, and none are without flaws, each in its own way left a strong favorable impression. Warning: they'll also leave you in some cases with a considerably smaller bank account. When the most hyped and anticipated iPhone in years not only ditches the familiar home button and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor but also cracks the $1000 price barrier, there was more than a little bit of pressure on Apple to belt a home run with the iPhone X. More: I've had an iPhone X all week.

The Top 10 Gadgets of 2017


Technology companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and more are constantly finding new ways to improve their cutting-edge products, whether it's with stunning new hardware designs, useful software improvements, or by coming up with entirely new products we didn't even know we wanted. When it comes to new gadgets and gizmos, 2017 was the year of several big changes. First and foremost, it was the year of the voice-activated assistant, with devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home invading homes everywhere. It was also the year that smartphone designers figured out how to pack a massive screen in a device that's still easy to hold, as seen in the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. And it was the year that consoles like the Nintendo Switch meant gaming on the go no longer meant making big sacrifices in terms of game quality.

Microsoft launches Azure Databricks, AI tools for developers


Global technology giant Microsoft has announced new data platform technologies and cross-platform developer tools aimed increasing the developers' productivity and simplify app development. The company launched a new AI-powered platform "Azure Databricks" during an event for developers. Designed in collaboration with the founders of Apache Spark, Azure Databricks analytics platform delivers one-click setup, streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace. The platform will enable organisations to provide self-service analytics and machine learning over all data with enterprise-grade performance and governance, Microsoft said in a statement. "With today's intelligent cloud, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the potential to change every facet of how we interact with the world," said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President in a statement.

The greatest risk with AI is not moving fast enough to deploy it: Microsoft


The greatest risk relating to artificial intelligence (AI) is not deploying it fast enough in all fields of human endeavour, according to Dave Heiner, strategic policy advisor at Microsoft. "Any place [where] intelligence is helpful, which is just about every place, AI could be helpful as well," Heiner said at the Microsoft Summit in Sydney last week. "There's just no possibility whatsoever ... if AI is just being run by four or five companies, that it can possibly be deployed broadly enough." Heiner also noted that AI -- although he prefers the term "computational intelligence" -- is about "amplifying human ingenuity" in industries such as education, healthcare, and government, rather than making humans redundant. Holding a similar view, chief storyteller and GM of Microsoft AI Steve Clayton said the company is urging business leaders to "replace the labour-saving and automation mindset with a maker and creation mindset".