Chilling warning about how artifical intelligence can be used against us


The giant human-like robot bears a striking resemblance to the military robots starring in the movie'Avatar' and is claimed as a world first by its creators from a South Korean robotic company Waseda University's saxophonist robot WAS-5, developed by professor Atsuo Takanishi and Kaptain Rock playing one string light saber guitar perform jam session A man looks at an exhibit entitled'Mimus' a giant industrial robot which has been reprogrammed to interact with humans during a photocall at the new Design Museum in South Kensington, London Electrification Guru Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart talks about the electric Jaguar I-PACE concept SUV before it was unveiled before the Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles, California, U.S The Jaguar I-PACE Concept car is the start of a new era for Jaguar. Japan's On-Art Corp's CEO Kazuya Kanemaru poses with his company's eight metre tall dinosaur-shaped mechanical suit robot'TRX03' and other robots during a demonstration in Tokyo, Japan Japan's On-Art ...

Faraday FF91: Company reveals the most futuristic electric car ever made

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The most futuristic car ever made has just been revealed – an electric vehicle with the acceleration of a Formula 1 car and the ability to learn about its driver. But some have already voiced fears that the car might not ever actually be made. And it appeared to run into problem during its first outing, unable to complete a demonstration that served as the centrepiece of the big reveal. The Faraday FF91 was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. As a highly-designed, self-driving and fast electric vehicle it looks to take on Tesla – but is likely to cost significantly more than any of that company's cars.

Amazon files patent for flying warehouse equipped with drones

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Amazon has filed for a patent on a flying warehouse equipped with drones to deliver goods. The warehouse would be carried by an airship and would visit places where Amazon expects there to be high levels of demand. The patent also covers support vehicles designed to restock the structure, which would hover 45,000ft (14,000m) in the air. Documents show Amazon believes the combination of the flying warehouse and drones would deliver goods considerably faster than ground-based warehouses, the BBC reported. There are suggestions the warehouses would be located above festivals or sporting events and smaller airships could act as shuttles taking drones, people and supplies to the warehouse.

UK's 4G mobile coverage 'worse than Albania, Panama and Peru'

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Britain is "languishing in the digital slow lane" with 4G connectivity lagging behind the networks of countries like Romania, Albania, Panama and Peru, according to the Government's official infrastructure advisers. Market provision of mobile services has left too many "digital deserts" and "not spots" where users cannot get 4G signals, even within major city centres, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) found. It called on the Government to step in to ensure that basic talk, text and data services are available to all Britons, wherever they live, work and travel, and to make the country ready for next-generation 5G communications. The NIC was asked in March to advise ministers on how the UK can become a "world leader" in the deployment of 5G, which potentially offers ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, ultra-high capacity seamless connectivity to support future technologies like augmented reality, connected vehicles and the "Internet of things". London has UK's best 4G coverage, but slowest speeds But the Commission found that there was still much work to be done to haul the UK out of its 54th position in global rankings for 4G, with typical users able to access the service only 53% of the time.

Apple reveals plans to make a self-driving car

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Apple appears to have confirmed that it is working on a self-driving car. The company has recognised the long-rumoured vehicle product for the first time, writing to US transport regulators to say that it was "excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation". The letter was written as a way for Apple to flag up to regulators that it was interested in getting involved with how they are developed. But far more importantly it signalled publicly that Apple is already working on such vehicles. In its facilities, JAXA develop satellites and analyse their observation data, train astronauts for utilization in the Japanese Experiment Module'Kibo' of the International Space Station (ISS) and develop launch vehicles 32/39 The robot developed by Seed Solutions sings and dances to the music during the Japan Robot Week 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Black Friday 2016: Best Xbox and PS4 deals on games and consoles

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As is tradition, this year's Black Friday deals are starting to roll in, with numerous games consoles going on sale across the internet. With the new Playstation Pro console now on general sale, prices of the standard models has decreased significantly. Over this weekend, the best prices for a standard Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles are currently around the £250 with extra games, sometimes below that. Here are the best deals for all PS4 and Xbox models. Due to the new console being just that - new - there are barely any reductions.