Machine Learning br A 'Top Priority' at SAP


They are already changing things inside the software giant it seems. Dr. Markus Noga is vice president of Machine Learning at SAP. His global team focuses on improving SAP products and services through leading research projects and innovative solutions of startups. Markus has been in charge as VP for SAP's portfolio as well as leading the company's corporate strategy group. He spoke exclusively to us about the company's vision for an AI-charged back office of the future.

SAP at work on Sentinel, an 'Amazon for Stocks'

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SAP is at work on a new product called Sentinel that is supposed to be "nothing less than the Amazon for Stocks and the Facebook for Investors," according to a job posting associated with the project. "We take our metaphors seriously," adds the job listing, which was first flagged Thursday in a blog post by SAP consultant Richard Hirsch. That said, the Amazon comparison seems more apt than the Facebook one, based on other passages in the ad. "Sentinel blends Algorithmic Trading with deep News Analytics into a disruptive synergy, powered by SAP's revolutionary in-memory HANA platform and deep text analytics capabilities," it states. "Our sole purpose is simply this: to help millions of investors identify profitable trading opportunities with minimal cognitive overload.

The SAP platform and digital transformation


As more organizations make serious efforts to digitally mature next year -- a surprising 74% are still early or just beginning to mature according to Deloitte's latest digital future's report -- one key question they're asking is what the right technology stack is to use as the basis. Given the breadth and depth required of most transformation efforts -- from the requisite technologies and operating processes to digital talent and business models -- the industry has learned that establishing an effective foundation for the digital future state is vital. In fact, I've found that transforming digitally on top of a strong set of digital fundamentals is a leading best practice that has been validated repeatedly as we look as recent examples of digital transformation, most notably at Nordstrom, General Electric, and TravelEx. So my trip to Barcelona a few weeks ago to SAP's information packed yearly TechEd event afforded me the opportunity to assess the company's latest platform evolution. My goal was to size it up with a lens towards assessing it as a digital transformation-ready platform.

Junior Developer (Machine Learning) Job @ SAP - Tech Jobs For Tech People


As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries innovate through simplification. From the back office to the boardroom, warehouse to storefront, on premise to cloud, desktop to mobile device - SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. Purpose and Objective: SAP Labs, LLC seeks a Software Developer at our Dublin, CA location to be responsible for development focusing on design, coding, testing, quality assurance of complex product features in a development team pertaining to Machine Learning as it relates to streaming data. Resolves complex issues within and around machine learning aspects inside a enterprise level systems kernel that is like a database kernel.

Are The Gains From Artificial Intelligence Worth The Lost Jobs?


"There has been a dramatic increase in work in the last five or six years, coming from the exponential data explosion and an increase in audit regulation bureaucracy," Neil Kinson, chief of staff at enterprise process automation provider (and long-time SAP partner) Redwood Software, said in ZDNet last week. "The automation is being created to solve that problem, rather than to cut costs, [and] a lot of organizations are applying automation just to cope." And we may have only spotted the tip of this iceberg. "We'll see more innovation in the next two years than we have in the last 10 years, all driven by AI," Rod Drury, CEO and founder of New Zealand's cloud-based accountancy software provider Xero, said in Business Insider on Monday. "We're getting a fantastic hit because the fintech space is a relatively small domain with massive amounts of data, and it's inherently high value."

SAP gets the machine learning bug


In an approach that is similar to Microsoft's, it is infusing machine learning across its business applications and making services available to encourage partners to build the techniques into their HANA built applications. There is a newly developed SAP Machine Learning Platform which will be available to partners and developers next year.

SAP Drives Machine Learning Across Its Applications and Ecosystem


SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today introduced three initiatives to make its business applications more intelligent and empower its ecosystem to build machine learning (ML) applications for customers. The SAP Innovation Center Network developed this application, using SAP's new machine learning platform that the company plans to open to partners and developers next year. The brand intelligence solution will join several other applications already created on the machine learning platform. Eligible participants include SAP global services and technology partners and solution extension partners, as well as technology providers and machine learning startups.

Mission critical HANA 2: SAP bulks up on high availability features


For its next act, SAP steps up its high availability, storage tiering, database architecture design, plus additions to the analytics function library, among others. See also: SAP launches HANA 2 SAP adds Microsoft Surface Hub, big data source support to BusinessObjects Cloud SAP to make SuccessFactors available on Microsoft's Azure SAP's Q3 solid, company ups outlook and touts cloud subscriptions But SAP is planting its stake with enhancing high-availability by adding a new active/active mode that allows read-intensive workloads to be diverted to a secondary server without taking the system down. It's a feature expected of databases supporting heartbeat applications; by comparison, Oracle requires buying an enhancement of its high-availability tool. Other highlights include a new version of SAP's Architecture Designer modeling tool that allows you to reverse engineer table layouts from other databases such as Oracle or Teradata onto HANA.

Deep Learning Supercomputer in a Box comes to Europe NVIDIA Blog


Software giant SAP, British AI startup BenevolentAI and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne have become Europe's first users of our new NVIDIA DGX-1 AI supercomputer. This "plug and play" system -- loaded with powerful GPUs and special software for deep learning -- has been designed to help data scientists innovate and get to market faster with AI applications. Enterprise software giant SAP is now using DGX-1 AI supercomputers at its German and Israeli offices, where its teams are building machine learning solutions for SAP's 320,000 customers. In the U.K., BenevolentAI will use DGX-1 as part of its effort to accelerate drug discovery by using deep natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to formulate new, usable knowledge from complex scientific information.

SAP Targets Terrorism With AI


SAP National Security Services, which describes itself as an independent subsidiary of the German-based software giant that's operated by U.S. citizens on American soil, works with homeland government agencies to find ways to track potential terrorists across social media. And in the national security sphere, NS2's government partners--Testoni says he's not at liberty to name specific agencies--use SAP's HANA data processing platform to analyze thousands of terabytes of data from social media and other public online sources. It also includes features for network graph analysis, automated machine learning, and sophisticated text processing that can extract meaning from written language, including online posts, according to Testoni. For ThreatConnect, HANA provides processing speed that helps clients keep track of potential security-related events happening on their networks in real time, while also reducing the number of false alarms about harmless noise, says the company's cofounder and CEO, Adam Vincent.