Pensights : Has A CEO BOT been BORN?


I wrote this and never posted it a few weeks ago, but when this article from Stan Choe came out, CEO Pay in 2015: When a 468,449 raise is typical, I decided to go ahead and hit the publish button. As third quarter roles in with more sinking numbers, stocks plummet, more sales reps have jumped ship, and employee use of mental health and prescription benefits to combat stress, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression spirals upward. The days of a company throwing together a market plan on the fly and sending out the press release on the sales promotion, before their customer service and support teams even know there IS a promotion, will need to end for companies that intend to survive. Industry discussions generally revolve around automating routine, repetitive tasks and answering basic questions.

HPE Floats Machine Learning in the Cloud


Hewlett Packard Enterprise last week announced the public availability of its HPE Haven OnDemand Machine Learning as a Service. Haven OnDemand offers Predict and Recommend capabilities that let developers view patterns in business data to optimize business performance and build a set of self-learning functions that analyze, predict and issue alerts based on structured data sets. Advanced text analysis extracts the key meaning from language using concept extraction capabilities to obtain concepts and sentiment from text sources, HPE said. A lot of companies offer Machine Learning as a Service; Butler Analytics lists a dozen.