Nvidia releases Pascal GPUs for neural networks


Compared to using an Intel Xeon E5-2690v4, which was launched earlier this year, Nvidia claimed its offering is 40 times more power efficient while being 45 times faster to respond. "A single server with a single Tesla P4 replaces 13 CPU-only servers for video inferencing workloads, delivering over 8x savings in total cost of ownership, including server and power costs," the company boasted. "Most customers will tell you that a GPU becomes a one-off environment that they need to code and program against, whereas they are running millions of Xeons in their datacentre, and the more they can use single instruction set, single operating system, single operating environment for all of their workloads, the better the performance of lower total cost of operation," she said. Nvidia today also announced its Drive PX 2 platform that is set to be deployed by Baidu in its self-driving car.

7 essentials of well-connected hybrid clouds


"There are a number of enabling technologies that have to be put in place in order to enable a hybrid cloud to operate to support changing business requirements." Here's how it may all work, in a hypothetical scenario for hybrid cloud the authors lay out: Hybrid cloud requires integration on many levels, the authors state. "It must be able to monitor those services so there's clear visibility so the entire environment can be controlled in a predictable manner.This means being able to monitor and control not just internal services but those services that are owned and controlled by third-party public cloud vendors or managed services providers." "Organizations need a single unified way to manage and synchronize applications and data across public and private clouds."