Improving Sales Performance with Artificial Intelligence


Gong's cloud-based artificial intelligence software helps improve the performance and productivity of B2B sales teams by analyzing their conversations with prospects and providing guidance about the best way to close a deal. In addition to the distributed nature of today's decision making process, the economics of remote sales or "inside sales" make it superior to traditional in-person "field sales." In a few months, Gong's engineers have developed an artificial intelligence software package that combines natural language processing (NLP) tools with machine learning to analyze, categorize, and quantify sales conversations and determine what works and what doesn't at a scale that was not available before to sales management. In addition to the pre-set topics, after about 2000 hours of conversations, Gong runs a machine learning algorithm that identifies topics specific to each conversation.

Reid Hoffman: A.I. Is Going to Change Everything About Managing Teams


In an essay for MIT Sloan Management Review, Hoffman describes human applications for the technology. Addressing the question of how technology will change management practices over the next five years, Hoffman explains how the use of a "knowledge graph" will become standard management practice. In addition to linking decisions with assignments and steps needed to complete a project, Hoffman thinks A.I. That can then help managers make assignment decisions.

AI Is Transforming IT Operation Analytics @BigDataExpo #ML #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence


By helping teams bridge the gap between Big Data and humans, and by capturing human domain knowledge, machine learning is able to provide the necessary operational intelligence to significantly relieve this burden of near real-time, informed decision-making. The other aspect is service desk tools that manage tickets and change management. Humans more often than not bridge this gap between the siloed monitoring tools of yesterday and service desk applications with their domain expertise. What Modern Analytics Can Do Because today's TechOps and DevOps environments are so complex, there is a need to automate, learn and make intelligent, informed decisions based on real-time analysis of Big Data arising out of the entire application infrastructure stack.