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By helping teams bridge the gap between Big Data and humans, and by capturing human domain knowledge, machine learning is able to provide the necessary operational intelligence to significantly relieve this burden of near real-time, informed decision-making. The other aspect is service desk tools that manage tickets and change management. Humans more often than not bridge this gap between the siloed monitoring tools of yesterday and service desk applications with their domain expertise. What Modern Analytics Can Do Because today's TechOps and DevOps environments are so complex, there is a need to automate, learn and make intelligent, informed decisions based on real-time analysis of Big Data arising out of the entire application infrastructure stack.

SIOS: Essential for Mission-Critical VMware Environments


As a result, SQL database administrators, VMware infrastructure managers, network managers and perhaps other domain experts have to collaborate to find the real cause and devise a solution. In addition, SIOS iQ users can now more clearly define Microsoft SQL Server application-specific root causes of performance issues by leveraging SQL Sentry Performance Advisor. SQL Server is among the most popular databases that run on the VMware platform, explaining why SIOS leveraged its partnership with SQL Sentry to implement SQL Server-specific performance analysis. The new capabilities from SIOS iQ directly correlate observed performance anomalies with intelligent performance-related events from deep within the SQL Server platform.

How Machine Learning Attacks the Problems of Database Performance - The New Stack


Two years ago, market analysts thought it seemed a little weird that a communications service provider such as Alcatel-Lucent would buyout, rather than just purchase the license to, a customer experience management tool called Motive. It was one of those science fiction ideas that so many folks treated as science fiction that they didn't realize it had already become science fact: Machine learning could be put to use in diagnosing the causes of data center failures and performance degradation, and furthermore, to become so familiar with the patterns of traffic and their underlying sources that it could predict when failures may occur in the future. On Tuesday, SIOS announced an expansion of iQ designed to detect issues with SQL Server, including the newly released SQL Server 2016, when running in VMware environments. "By using a machine learning technology, our projections are based on actually learned patterns of behavior, of your environment, over time, across all the tiers of computing, and is projecting how they're changing over time, and how on a particular day that environment will be impacted."