Jamil and Siri: ISIS conflict forces two lives to intersect — and both are saved

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Soon after Siri and Jamil arrived in Mosul, an ISIS guard threatened to kill Jamil if Siri refused to have sex with him. The rapist, called "The Tunisian," told Siri her situation would improve if she became a Muslim and married him. At the same time, Jamil was the key to Siri's survival. When sitting with Siri and his birth mother, Jamil now always sits closer to Siri, observed Kizilhan observed.

ISIS plot using drone to attack Turkish base foiled

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An alleged ISIS plot involving a drone attack on Turkey's Incirlik air base -- which is used by the U.S. Air Force -- was foiled Thursday when Turkish authorities arrested a Russian national suspected of being an Islamist militant. Renad Bakiev, who previously traveled to Syria, was detained in the southern city of Adana for planning the drone attack, police said in a statement. Officials said he admitted to surveying the Incirlik air base to plan out his strike, and attempted to attack Americans -- but he was unsuccessful. The U.S. Air Force has used Incirlik air base, near the city of Adana, as a staging post for its air campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq since 2015.

Homeland Security concerned about commercial drones being used for 'nefarious purposes'

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Combined Joint Task Force officials echoed these comments, saying that "the Coalition takes this threat seriously and has implemented increased force protection measures and improved UAV counter-measures to protect Coalition forces and our partners on the ground." They also stated ISIS drones will not dramatically impact the battlefield, but add that "the Coalition remains responsive to this emerging threat through both active and passive measures, and we continue to improve force protection measures for all our Coalition personnel and Iraqi and Syrian partner forces." So what does increased weaponized commercial drone activity overseas mean to the United States? The Federal Aviation Administration estimates small, hobbyist unmanned aircraft system purchases may grow from 1.9 million in 2016 to as many as 4.3 million by 2020.