BAI Beacon - Unveiling New Research on Artificial Intelligence


BAI Beacon is teaming up with Jim Marous and Digital Banking Report on the release of a brand new report, A.I. The report will debut at BAI Beacon. Attendees will not only be the first to get their hands on Digital Banking Report's cutting-edge research on A.I.--one of the hottest topics in the banking industry today--but they will also hear it discussed by thought leaders from BAI, Digital Banking Report and Deluxe. The new report has a $495 value, but BAI Beacon attendees will get it for free as part of their registration.

The insurtech trends making the greatest impact in 2017


The insurance disruption space hasn't seen nearly as much activity as fintech, but 2017 has seen the trinity of technological trends - machine learning, AI and Big Data - cross over and fuel the motor of change within InsurTech. As well as the goal of customer retention, the digitisation of customer experience keeps operational costs down and requires little manpower, whilst having digital and cloud based technology makes insurance services better able to cope with an increasingly demanding consumer base who want access to services anywhere and at any time. "More than machine learning", Alberto explains, "we could speak of human learning - both the insurer and SPIXII learn more (and often unexpected) from the behaviours of the customers and apply changes and adjustments in order to increase KPIs". It auto generates an insurance claim, verifies it against its blockchain ledger, and pays its users if the claim is correct.

Kraft: Healthcare data-flow of the future will be fluid, proactive, and personalized


Dr. Daniel Kraft, a Stanford-educated MD who now serves as chair of medicine for Singularity University, a learning community founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, sees himself as one of those leaders. Kraft will be sharing his observations, predictions, and advice at Health 2.0's Annual Fall Conference in two weeks in Santa Clara, California. "The bottom line is that for the last nine years I've had an interesting journey doing medicine for Singularity University and started this program called Exponential Medicine, which in its essence is that the future of health and medicine isn't digital, mobile, connected health, or AI," Kraft told MobiHealthNews. Click here to register for Health 2.0's Annual Fall Conference.]



A better approach might be to observe and learn from the factory example, and adapt the following five lessons in order for knowledge workers to remain relevant in the coming new world of artificial intelligence. On one point, my colleagues are right: artificial intelligence will take over and automate standardized "knowledge work". This issue might be partially solved by training knowledge workers how to become "operators" of the artificial intelligence tools and understand artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some innovations will replace and disrupt traditional "knowledge work" completely.

Everything to know about the global artificial intelligence and cognitive computing market - WhaTech


An estimated volume revenue growth with respect to global market for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing over the forthcoming years has been mentioned in detail. The production, consumption, revenue, shares in mill UDS, growth rate of Artificial Intelligence And Cognitive Computing market during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025 is well explained. The research report also mentions the innovations, new developments, marketing strategies, branding techniques, and products of the key participants present in the global Artificial Intelligence And Cognitive Computing market. Through this report, consumers can easily get the notion for their growth of global Artificial Intelligence And Cognitive Computing products in the market.



Despite the clear benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) presents to businesses operating across the financial services industry, developing expertise in the subject requires significant investment and commitment. The report highlights that AI is already influencing almost all areas of the retail financial services sector, encompassing investment management, banking and insurance. Some companies leverage natural language processing (NLP) to improve customer experience with the use of chatbots. "I will talk about how leading banks today are leveraging AI technologies with practical use cases for natural language processing, RPA, chatbots, data science, cognitive learning and the era of hybrid robo advisors," he explains.

Going Back To School


"Very few institutes in India like ISB and IIM-B are offering courses in innovation, while courses in specialisation in data management and data analytics etc are being offered by many premier institutes such as IIM-Ranchi and IIM-Bangalore," points out Mohan Tiwari, CEO and co-founder of Students' Destination. Taking teaching out of the classroom, Enactus India encourages experiential learning through students' interaction with communities. "This is driving a large number of working professionals to take up management programmes in various specialised domains. In addition, the IIM-Calcutta offers innovative management development programmes to meet the needs of the industry.

AI will redefine the role of manager


At present, managers spend 54 percent of their time on administrative tasks like scheduling and logistics coordination. We know that AI will change the way many different departments work, so team members will need to adapt through tech training and rethinking the ways they can contribute to the company. Managers can bring empathy and context to the picture to decide the best course for the company's long-term goals, which aligns with Deloitte's prediction that problem-solving, social skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence will serve as vital complements to increased technical skills. With AI's assistance, for example, managers can overhaul outdated workflows, implement more dynamic project management strategies, and use customer data to brainstorm truly disruptive ideas.

Mobility Really Means Being More Human


Ericsson is doing incredible work to advance innovation by partnering with operators globally around IoT and 5G deployments, ranging from testing new radio technology, like advanced MIMO, to new core 5G systems for providing network slicing, to applications like Autonomous vehicles. Ericsson's radio access network was also featured at Sprint's booth where the first 2.5 GHz Massive MIMO field tests were conducted using Sprint's spectrum and Ericsson's radios reaching peak speeds of more than 300 Mbps using a single 20 MHz channel! Check out the Ericsson Mobility Report for an innovative global exploration of mobile technologies, user applications, and long-term forecasts of VoLTE. As Ericsson points out, "consumer and enterprise communication services include: HD voice, HD voice and music within calls (new voice codec Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), video communication, IP messaging and evolution to chat bots, content sharing within calls, multi-device and new service innovations."

September 22, 2017 Press Release – Québec and Ontario Working Together to Fuel Innovation and Growth


Québec and Ontario held their seventh joint meeting of cabinet ministers in Québec City today, building on a long history of productive partnership between them. Building on existing investments, the agreement will boost the provinces' competitive advantage in the field of AI by expanding opportunities for collaboration in research, talent attraction, skills development and business growth. Previous joint meetings between Ontario and Québec have led to advances on common goals of growing the economy, attracting businesses and investments, and protecting our shared environment. Through their joint meetings of cabinet members and work year-round, Québec and Ontario have strengthened their long-standing relationship, creating opportunities and greater prosperity within the provinces -- and across Canada.