How a Solar Drone Can Solve Hunger - Impakter


In late February, the UN-Secretary General held a press conference, highlighting the risk of starvation in East Africa and the necessity to raise funds to address the emergency situations in Somalia and South Sudan. Drought has been back in these countries and their neighbours since 2016, leading to a huge current food crisis. While governments are trying to handle the situation, how could technology innovations help prevent starvation and improve agriculture management in the future? We met with Laurent Rivière, a French 30 years-old entrepreneur, who shared with us his view on the subject with a combination of engineer pragmatism and changemaker idealism . Founder and CEO at Sunbirds for two years, he explained to us how his "bird of the sun," his solar drone, is addressing the agriculture challenges of the 21st century.

Big Business And The Midwest's Hidden Startup Advantage


Silicon Valley, with its products, software, smarts, and change-the-world scale, has produced some of the most meaningful transformations of business and personal lives of the last two decades. The iPhone's success has allowed ideas to spread faster than ever before, and the unrelenting power of social media, from which literal revolutions have been successfully launched, is clearer today than ever before. A scroll through a list of today's most highly valued startups showcases businesses that have created and captured value at never-before-seen speeds. Many companies were built on the success and power of a mobile device, and its equivalents, that has just celebrated its 10th birthday. Speed, scale and a winner-take-most ideology are part of the beauty of Silicon Valley.

China VC investments set a record high in 2016, artificial intelligence a new focus, finds KPMG analysis


China set a record high in terms of venture capital (VC) investments in 2016, despite a global slowdown. The strong performance is expected to continue with artificial intelligence (AI) an additional focus for investors, finds latest KPMG analysis. Investment by VCs in China increased 19 percent year on year to USD31 billion in 2016, although deal volumes declined 42 percent to 300 from 513 a year earlier, according to Venture Pulse, KPMG's quarterly global report on VC trends. The strong performance is attributed to a number of mega-deals recorded early in the year. The report highlights that artificial intelligence and cognitive learning are poised to transform almost every aspect of people's lives.

Ayasdi Named to the 2017 AI 100 by CB Insights


CB Insights revealed the AI 100 winners during The Innovation Summit in Santa Barbara, a gathering of top executives and investors to explore the industries of the future. The CB Insights research team selected the winners based on a combination of data submitted by the companies, responses to interview questions and the company's Mosaic Score. Mosaic is an algorithm built with funding from the National Science Foundation that gives predictive intelligence into the health of private companies. "At Ayasdi, we see clearly that intelligent applications enabled by AI and big data will be as transformative for knowledge-based processes as the industrial revolution was for mechanical processes," said Ayasdi CEO Gurjeet Singh. "Intelligent applications running on our platform are already becoming a fundamental part of our customer's operations with breakthrough results.

Intel Launches Nervana Artificial Intelligence Platform - Cloud Computing on Top Tech News


Tech giant Intel has announced a new strategy focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and based on a new portfolio of technologies centered on its recent acquisition of AI company Nervana Systems. The new portfolio will include products and services for everything from network edge to data center use cases to help accelerate the growth of AI technologies. "Intel sees AI transforming the way businesses operate and how people engage with the world," the company said in a statement yesterday. "Intel is assembling the broadest set of technology options to drive AI capabilities in everything from smart factories and drones to sports, fraud detection and autonomous cars." Dubbed Intel Nervana, the new platform comes courtesy of the company's acquisition of the two-year-old Nervana Systems announced three months ago.

How Can Machine Learning Create a Smarter Grid?


At the Reinventing Energy Summit, Michael Bironneau, Head of Technology Development at Open Energi, will explore how the same machine learning techniques that have let machines defeat chess and Go masters, can also be leveraged to orchestrate massive amounts of flexible demand-side capacity – from industrial equipment, co-generation and battery storage systems – towards the one goal of creating a smarter grid; one that is cleaner, cheaper, more secure and more efficient. The most transformative application of machine learning for grid balancing comes from unlocking and utilising flexibility in demand-side power consumption. How can energy companies work with engineers and data scientists to achieve a more efficient energy system? If energy companies made more anonymised half-hourly power data available, data scientists and engineers working on new smart grid technologies would be able to validate these ideas quickly and cheaply.

Intel Launches Nervana Artificial Intelligence Platform NewsFactor Network


"Intel sees AI transforming the way businesses operate and how people engage with the world," the company said in a statement yesterday. "Intel is assembling the broadest set of technology options to drive AI capabilities in everything from smart factories and drones to sports, fraud detection and autonomous cars." Dubbed Intel Nervana, the new platform comes courtesy of the company's acquisition of the two-year-old Nervana Systems announced three months ago. The platform will be optimized for AI workloads with an emphasis on both speed and ease of use. The first product in the platform, a chip codenamed "Lake Crest," will begin testing in the first half of next year and will eventually be available to key customers later that year, according to Intel.

'Upstreaming' Artificial Intelligence: Making AI Available for All Intel Newsroom


Couple that with the most sophisticated set of optimizations in open sourced Deep Learning Frameworks onto Intel architecture including Nervana's Neon deep learning framework, Caffe*, TensorFlow*, Theano*, and Torch*, and MXNet*, along with the availability of Intel Nervana Graph Compiler, which provides an advanced mechanism for representing and optimizing deep learning topologies, developers will be able to unleash the full potential of AI. Once the developer identifies their preferred framework, Intel offers the Intel Deep Learning SDK as a set of tools for data scientists and software developers to develop, train, and deploy deep learning solutions. In addition, under the academy, the Intel Student Developer Program for AI, ignites passion in students for AI through a Student Ambassador program as Intel partners with universities worldwide to identify, sponsor and recognize students who have presented interest or delivered inspiring research in machine learning or AI. This is why Intel is pleased to announce a partnership with Mobile ODT (Mobile Optical Detection Technologies) -- a company dedicated to enabling cervical cancer screening for every woman, everywhere -- to host a joint AI competition on, Intel and Mobile ODT will fully engage the expertise, the support and the advocacy of the data scientist and developer community to help identify and classify the potential stage of cervical cancer (through the use of AI image recognition of soft tissue) to determine the appropriate treatment for the patient, with a particular emphasis on developing countries.

Magento Welcomes Chloe, an Artificial Intelligence App, to Enhance Mob


Sundown AI announces their recent integration of Chloe, an Artificial Intelligence platform, with Magento, Inc. a worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovations. Chloe enhances mobile commerce by providing a voice powered interface for Magento Online Stores. Chloe AI can be found in the Magento marketplace: With Chloe, Magento website visitors now have the ability to get immediate assistance to their product or service questions directly from their smartphones while navigating through a Magento store. While explaining how Chloe works is useful, a Chloe mobile demo is even better: Chloe uses proprietary technology to automatically process a company's customer service data and identify the policies that will guide her behavior.

Sophos has acquired Irish Machine Learning Vendor Barricade


Sophos has announced the acquisition of Irish security firm Barricade, adding behavior-based analytics to its endpoint offering. Sophos will maintain the offices in the Republic of Ireland with Barricade CEO David Coallier and the team of developers, data scientists and engineers joining the Sophos Cloud group. Coallier said: "We are proud of the technology we have built and are pleased to join the team at Sophos focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning based security analytics. Bill Lucchini, senior vice president and general manager of the Cloud Security Group at Sophos said that the team and technology from Barricade will strengthen Sophos' synchronized security capabilities, and its next-generation network and endpoint protection portfolio.