A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing, and for Several Years to Come


Chief experience officer Category: Executive management Fast fact: By 2020, 40 percent of chief digital officers will report to CXOs, according to IDC. Bot developer Category: Cross-enterprise technology Fast fact: Bots or virtual assistants will command 20 percent of user interactions with smartphones by 2019, according to Gartner. Skills needed: Undergraduate degree in computer science; knowledge of linguistics, interactive language arts, programming, design, engineering, natural language processing and ethics. The emerging world of mixed reality (MR) is best served by individuals who are passionate about emerging technologies and curious about mediums beyond virtual or augmented reality, says Di Dang, senior UX designer of mixed reality at digital agency POP.

Apple commercial reminds us why Siri needs The Rock more than The Rock needs Siri


I gotta give it up to Apple for pairing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with Siri -- yes, the iPhone's digital assistant -- for its latest TV commercial. This fall, Siri turns six, and while Apple has expanded the digital assistant's features over the years -- it now supports 21 languages, can control smart home devices, is built into macOS and Apple TV, etc. Bixby's spectacular failure at launch is good evidence that despite Siri's seemingly stunted evolution, taking things slow may not be the worst strategy. Make no mistake, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Siri's mini film is a huge publicity stunt -- a reminder that, hey, Siri is still a thing and it does more now.

AI: The history of a problem – Becoming Human


AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and other buzzwords are not new; they are with us from late 50s, but why did they become so much of a trend only now? The business focus changed from investing into so-called "artificial intelligence" to development of systems that could work with already gathered data, process and re-structurize it. Bayes was widely used in anti-spam, Markov's chains predicted criminal structure behavior, search engines developed decision trees to predict user input, speech and image recognition was no miracle anymore, and it was good. Basically, we returned to 50s -- we are trying to create universal structures, mimic human brain, and create entities that can process mixed data as our brains do.

Global consumers reaching a better understanding of artificial intelligence and its impact on daily life


There is a general consensus that artificial intelligence's impact on the daily lives of consumers today represents a tip of the iceberg of what is to come in five years or more. "The bottom line is no matter where you look in the world, people understand and appreciate the value that AI technology is delivering and what it might deliver in the future. For example, one quarter of Siri users did not know that Siri is an AI powered personal assistant and those surveyed lacked awareness of AI-style tech driving channels like Facebook and Netflix. The impact that AI will have on jobs is difficult to predict, according to the report, but consumers questioned believe that manufacturing and banking jobs are most under threat, while jobs in science and healthcare are the safest.

A.I. innovation finds a home on mobile devices


Mezi added to its consumer travel assistant app by launching a corporate "Travel-as-a-service" application at MobileBeat. Mezi for Business is designed for travel management companies, corporate and travel agents and now has customers including American Express and several travel agencies. Amazon, and later Netflix, popularized recommendation engines that offer consumer suggestions as to things people might like to purchase based on recent purchases; for example, "People who bought a Schwinn bicycle also bought a Kryptonite lock." Later, as the database of customer profiles grows, Square can offer users things like automated loyalty programs.

How Artificial Intelligence benefits companies and ups their game


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) launched Luvo, a natural language processing AI bot which answers RBS, Natwest and Ulster bank customer queries and perform simple banking tasks like money transfers. Compared to the progress of natural language processing solutions, computer vision-based AI solutions are still in developmental stage, primarily due to the lack of large, structured data sets and the significant amount of computational power required to train the algorithms. Other than online and IT companies, which are early adopters and proponents of various AI technologies, banks, financial services and healthcare are the leading non-core technology verticals that are adopting AI. AI, thus, can go beyond changing business processes to changing entire business models with winner-takes-all dynamics.

MUST-HAVES BEFORE GETTING IN ON THE AI GAME -- Notes for Founders and Investors


According to stories, after the product was developed, they needed real life data to train and test; effectively info on how existing personal assistants work. The team worked as personal assistants themselves, building their own proprietary data for the machine to observe and learn from. It is one thing to build an AI product for a high-tech multinational, it another thing to build an AI product for your accountant. Therefore, directly following step 3, you must secure buy-in from potential customers as early as possible, which includes working with them on integration into their existing workflow.

AI in Contact Centers

Communications of the ACM

Indeed, rather than simply being used to replace contact center workers, artificial intelligence (Al)-based technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and even sentiment analysis, are being strategically deployed to improve the overall customer experience by providing functionality that would be too time-consuming or expensive to do manually. The company uses AI "bots" to handle routine tasks by utilizing natural language processing to interpret what customers are asking, search the business knowledge base system for an answer, and then interpreting this raw data into an intelligent, human-friendly response. Burgess highlights the power of machine learning and natural language processing to quickly process front-end requests, which often make up a significant amount of call volume and labor costs. The sheer number of possible phrases, words, and interactions does make it more challenging to automate the customer service experience, though with machine learning technology that can review thousands or millions of interactions, organizations can tailor responses based on its learnings.

iPhone 7 -- The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day -- Apple


You should never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate how much Dwayne Johnson can get done in a day with Siri. Follow the world's busiest actor and Siri as they dominate the day.

Angie Harmon: I wouldn't do it

FOX News

Angie Harmon is ready to date again, but don't expect to find this single mom online anytime soon. The 44-year-old actress and her husband of 13 years, former pro football player Jason Sehorn, announced their separation in 2014. "I don't think I'd do [online dating]," Harmon admitted to Closer Weekly. While Harmon is taking it slow in the dating department, she's finding joy in her work.