Alexa can help in the kitchen

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Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, has become commonplace in many homes, picking your music and helping you book Uber rides. Many Alexa commands make Amazon's Echo essential. One caveat: Some Amazon Echo Show owners have reported that recipes quickly disappear from the screen. This is why the Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council created the Save the Food Alexa skill, which aims to reduce waste by helping you use up your food before it goes bad.

Tech Q&A

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Q: I looked up my name at a people search site. Q: I was listening to your national radio show, and you were telling a teacher how to make serious money selling lesson plans online. School systems and other teachers are often desperate for lesson plans and supplementary materials, and the internet has become a thriving marketplace for pedagogical tools, thanks to one clever website. Call my national radio show and click here to find it on your local radio station.

Top Google Assistant tips

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If you're an Android phone user, great news. If you like listening to music or podcasts on YouTube Music or Google Play, just ask Google Assistant to set you up. One of the best things about virtual assistants and old-fashioned typed searches is that you can ask just about any question and get an answer. If you're already using Google Assistant on other devices, such as Google Home, you'll find that it works a little bit differently on different devices.