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The use of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and tools is becoming more widespread in mainstream data analytics. ML models are used increasingly in marketing to analyse large amounts of data that can uncover insights about how consumers interact with a brand and predict how they would respond to a future marketing campaign. Algorithms can be trained to detect complex relationships and trends within sales data and create accurate sales forecasts nearly in real time. In this white paper, we explain the principles behind ML and explore the most commonly used ML algorithms.

How AI Tech Is Changing Small Business Marketing And Customer Service


Driven by the idea of democratizing AI so companies of all sizes can deliver smarter, more personalized, and predictive customer experiences, Salesforce created Einstein, your personal AI data scientist to guide you through your day. As Senior VP of SMB marketing at Salesforce, Marie Rosecrans focuses on empowering small and medium-sized businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow. Marie joined Salesforce 10 years ago in marketing and customer success, and now leads the SMB marketing team. The best part is that this is all done automatically -- you don't need a team of data scientists working in the background.

AI is creating jobs and increasing sales, says Capgemini report


Four out of five companies have created new jobs as a result of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, according to new research from consulting firm Capgemini. The report Turning AI into concrete value: the successful implementers' toolkit, surveyed nearly 1,000 organisations that are implementing artificial intelligence (AI), either as a pilot or at scale. The study found that tech-savvy businesses are using AI to increase sales, facilitate customer engagement and generate business insights. The customer experience is a big focus of AI adopters: 73% think AI can increase customer satisfaction scores and 65% believe it could reduce future customer churn.

Antoine Blondeau's Sentient Technologies: AI For The Unknown Unknowns


Right now, the conversion rate optimization, CRO, industry, is based on AB testing, where you test a new design against an old design. "Moments are equivalent to when a sales associate in a brick and mortar store is extremely effective at creating a sale. With our product, Aware, we are relating what happens in a brick and mortar store, giving consumers a real time set of options that make sense to the consumer and taking that online," says Blondeau. From here, Antoine was hired away to join a San Francisco based company Dejima as CEO.

A third of employees see Artificial Intelligence as a job creator


One in three employees believe artificial intelligence (AI) will increase the number of jobs available in the future, with millennials especially positive, reveals CCS Insight's latest employee enterprise survey. More than half of employees expect artificial intelligence to affect their jobs within three years, with 70 percent feeling it will do so within the next decade. Microsoft Office 365 remains the most popular mobile app for work purposes, used by 39 percent of respondents. 'Our 2017 annual employee technology survey continues to measure the major technology shifts occurring in workplaces, but it also reveals some new and fascinating trends that are set to unfold over the next few years', says McQuire.

Is Machine Learning Right for Your Business? IoT For All


The ML model an email provider might use to detect spam is the naive bayes classifier (but other applicable models exist as well). With the model sufficiently trained, they can use it to classify incoming emails as spam or not spam with high accuracy. No data, no quality data, no machine data, no coalesced data out of 19 different databases into a single data store … no machine learning. They can help you put together a complete ML solution -- from data retrieval, to data storage, to actually training the ML model -- and deliver powerful functionality to your product or company.

6 Ways To Get Your Artificial Intelligence Motor Running


The Capgemini report authors cited a Harvard Business Review article, which described the company's employment of an AI system, called Albert, which employed AI to help generate leads and analyze marketing campaign variables. Three in four organizations implementing AI increased sales of new products and services by more than 10%, the Capgemini survey finds. The survey finds 79% of organizations implementing AI generate new insights and better analysis. In addition, 78% of organizations implementing AI increased operational efficiency by more than 10%.

Mizuho reportedly plans to offer AI trading before EU's MiFID overhaul

The Japan Times

Japan's third-biggest lender will begin offering an algorithm-based AI trading service to some large institutional clients in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, the people said, asking not to be identified because the plan is private. Mizuho's brokerage unit will initially target 500 stocks on Japan's benchmark Topix index, and may increase coverage to 1,000 companies including firms listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market, according to the people. The AI platform uses about 5,000 data points, including order-book information, historical prices and news sentiment for the targeted companies, as well as exchange rates and commodity price changes, to find anomalies and patterns relating to a stock's movements, the people said. Bloomberg LP, the parent of Bloomberg News, provides execution services for firms complying with MiFID II requirements.

Domino habits for data science


Inculcating discipline [Understanding business justification] – Explore and document'why' your data is there? What are the technical systems / business processes that generated this data? So go on bring out the learning, machine learning, deep learning packages and enjoy.. Inculcating discipline [Understanding business justification] – Explore and document'why' your data is there? So go on bring out the learning, machine learning, deep learning packages and enjoy..

Artificial Intelligence to Amplify FinTech


Endowing the modern workforce with AI, machine learning, payment intelligence and advanced analytics fintech will thrive, amplify and fly. The most striking AI solutions to FinTech, banks, insurance companies (now called InsureTech) and any other financial services company will probably be those that have the robust & smart financial systems with data security, machine learning (machine conciseness is very far for now) and strong analytics features in place. AI technology such as specialized hardware, AI based operating systems, strong and large data analytics tools for big data, machine learning algorithms for machine intelligence, payment intelligence, data intelligence and info-security intelligence are being used in fintech to augment tasks that people already perform. With AI power to enable security features of mobile payments mean the technology could gain traction in other areas of B2B payments and escalate blockchain to generalize, any previous application of AI, but now the AI "owns itself".