Apple Music Update Adds 'OK Google' Support To Android App

International Business Times

Apple rolled out a new version of its Apple Music app for Android. With version 2.2.0, users who are accessing the Apple service via an Android device can now use the "OK Google" voice command to control Apple Music. This feature is actually part of the iOS 11 update that Apple started rolling out to iOS users yesterday. Apple has updated its Apple Music app for Android.

Spoiler alert: Google's Pixel event will still be more exciting than Apple's iPhone X reveal


As expected, Google will be announcing several new products at its event: Google Home Mini, an updated Daydream View VR headset, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and a new Chromebook Pixel that will apparently be rechristened Pixelbook. After all, Google's own teaser for the phone presents some pretty big questions it's supposed to answer, alluding to things like improved image stabilization, long-lasting battery life, and auto updates. It's all but confirmed that HTC is manufacturing the smaller Pixel anyway (complete with its side-squeezing Edge Sense feature). With Google Home, the Pixel phones, Chromecast, and Daydream, Google has a numerous product lines to nurture.

13 hidden features in iOS 11


Once the the Notes app has been added as a Control Center shortcut, enable "access from lock screen" (Settings Notes Access from Lock Screen) to get your notes without unlocking your phone. Enable "automatically save offline" in Safari's settings to save the stories you want to read later, even if you won't have a connection. The setting is hidden in Apple's Accessibility settings (General Accessibility Siri Type to Siri) and, when enabled, it changes the default Siri input from voice to text. Choose "scan documents" from the Notes app to quickly import physical documents into your notes using your iPhone camera.

Apple HomePod faces tough odds against Amazon Echo in connected home market

Boston Herald

Connected speakers are part of a broader white-hot market for connected home devices, which Amazon, and Google hope to control against rival devices planned by number of others like Apple and Microsoft. CIRP estimates that Amazon has sold 15 million Echos, accounting for 75% of the U.S. market, while Google has sold an estimated 5 million Homes, or 24%. While sales of 15 million Amazon Echo units is a big number, as of last year there were about 125 million U.S. households. The HomePod speaker will be heavier than Echo or Google Home, and Kevin Tofel, a gadget enthusiast and blogger, said that means it will offer much better sound.

The Morning After: Wednesday, September 20th 2017


We've got our full verdict on Apple's iPhone 8. The biggest news is confirmation of the Google Home Mini, an Echo Dot-like puck that will sell for $49 with a focus on Google Assistant instead of high-quality audio. With a new A11 Bionic CPU inside, upgraded cameras and wireless charging, an iPhone 8 could be the right one for you. Here's everything from PlayStation Japan's 2017 press event The Tokyo Game Show has been a smaller affair in the last few years, and Sony has typically spun off its own pre-show press event.

Facial Recognition Is Only the Beginning: Here's What to Expect Next in Biometrics on Your Phone

MIT Technology Review

Apple says its version of the technology, called Face ID and available when the phone ships in November, uses a suite of sensors to map your face in 3-D. An infrared light illuminates your face, and a projector projects an array of infrared dots at it. Anil Jain, a Michigan State University professor who studies biometric recognition and computer vision, notes that it uses an existing tactic called structured light to capture your visage in three dimensions--something he employed for object recognition back in the 1980s. Beyond the work the company has done to keep the wrong people out of the phone, Apple claims that Face ID will let the right person in even in the dark, while wearing glasses or a hat, and after growing a beard. Jain says it's conceivable that smartphones will eventually include sensors for face, iris, and fingerprint recognition--a rarity now.

Verbal common sense will prevent AIs from harvesting kings and unlocking oranges


You know that's nonsense, but AIs don't have the benefit of years spent navigating the world, and as such have no real idea as to what you can do with what -- but a little common sense could be coming their way. Researchers at Brigham Young want to make sure that future androids and AI entities that interact with the real world have at least a basic understanding of what certain things are and do. "When machine learning researchers turn robots or artificially intelligent agents loose in unstructured environments, they try all kinds of crazy stuff," said Ben Murdoch, co-author of the BYU study, in a news release. Common sense is a good start.



Apple's new Control Center lets you mix and match your favorite shortcuts in iOS11 (Photo: Apple) MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif -- You don't have to go out and spend $700 on a swanky new iPhone. The latest mobile operating system upgrade, iOS 11, was released Tuesday, and it has "hundreds" of new features, according to Apple. If you go to Settings, Control Center, you can choose what shortcuts you'd like to be in there. The iOS11 operating system upgrade lets you mark up screen shots.

Google's Pixel 2 revealed ahead of unveiling next month

Daily Mail

Rumours have been swirling for months about Google's next Pixel smartphones and the tech firm uploaded a short 35 second teaser to YouTube earlier this month, offering eager fans the chance to sign up to receive more information. The rumours follow leaked images earlier in August, which claim to show Google's Pixel 2 handset. Reports suggest Google is investing $880 million (£709 million) in LG's flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens. Reports suggest Google is investing $880 million (£709 million) in LG's flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens for their Pixel 2 handset (pictured is first-generation Pixel handsets) In March, the head of hardware at Google first confirmed that the firm is developing a second-generation Pixel for the'premium smartphone market'.

Intel, Salesforce boost real investments in artificial intelligence


Salesforce said Tuesday that the $50 million would go into setting up the Salesforce AI Innovation Fund, which, as the company put it, is dedicated to "bringing AI to every step of the sales cycle, from building pipeline and closing deals, to growing the business." Chief Executive Brian Krzanich himself said Intel has put more than $1 billion into AI companies through its Intel Capital investment division. And even as median home prices are up across all the Bay Area counties, nowhere have they gone up more than in Santa Clara County, where the median home price of $1.15 million has risen 17.9 percent from a year ago. What a Day it Was: That pretty much sums up how Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook described last week's debut of the iPhone X and ARKit, the new Apple augmented reality platform that will be part of the new iOS 11 release.