Amazon set to enter US drug store market

Daily Mail

There is speculation that such a move could see the online retailer selling prescription medicines direct to consumers. 'I wouldn't be surprised to see them partner with a pharmacy home delivery company first. The company has tried to enter the health care market previously in the late 1990s when it partnered up with, Rumours about Amazon having its sights set on health care began earlier this year when its voice-enabled personal assistant, Alexa, was heavily showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show. Amazon made a deal made earlier this year with WebMD which saw Alexa gain the ability to provide peer-reviewed medical information when asked by an Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV user.

Alexa will now order you a Domino's pizza in the UK


There are many ways to order a pipin' hot Domino's pizza. To get started, you'll first need an Easy Order account, which is set up through the Domino's website. Next, you'll have to enable the Domino's skill through the Alexa app and link your Domino's and Alexa accounts. Absolutely, but then so is ordering pizza.

Apple commercial reminds us why Siri needs The Rock more than The Rock needs Siri


I gotta give it up to Apple for pairing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with Siri -- yes, the iPhone's digital assistant -- for its latest TV commercial. This fall, Siri turns six, and while Apple has expanded the digital assistant's features over the years -- it now supports 21 languages, can control smart home devices, is built into macOS and Apple TV, etc. Bixby's spectacular failure at launch is good evidence that despite Siri's seemingly stunted evolution, taking things slow may not be the worst strategy. Make no mistake, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Siri's mini film is a huge publicity stunt -- a reminder that, hey, Siri is still a thing and it does more now.

AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants


While the financial services industry has already begun the shift from active management to passive management, artificial intelligence will move the market even further, to management by smart machines, as in the case of Blackrock, which is rolling computer-driven algorithms and models into more traditional actively-managed funds. It will be particularly interesting to see how artificial intelligence affects the decisions of corporate leaders -- men and women who make the many decisions that affect our everyday lives as customers, employees, partners, and investors. But AI can also help support more complex decisions in key areas such as human resources, budgeting, marketing, capital allocation and even corporate strategy -- long the bastion of bespoke consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, and the major marketing agencies. They used this new skill to make resource allocation decisions to different marketing choices, thereby "eliminating guesswork."

AI-Driven Personal Assistant Apps Shaping Digital Consumer Habits


Over the past year, the personal assistant apps sector has seen major user growth among certain apps, but this has been accompanied by stagnation and even a decrease in users among some major players, such as Siri and S-Voice, the personal assistant app for Samsung devices, says the report. While the Google-owned properties on the Index have enjoyed modest growth over the past year, emerging players like Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa are quickly gaining traction. Although its user numbers are comparatively tiny, Alexa has seen a 325% increase in monthly unique users (from 0.8 million to 2.6 million) during the past year, and has more than doubled its stickiness rating, from 10% to 22%. Cortana has also seen a significant jump in monthly unique user numbers, from 0.2 million to 0.7 million (a 350% increase), with stickiness ratings tripling from 19% to 60%.

IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !


Over the last couple of days, I have seen a bunch of articles on my social media feed that are based on a research report from Jefferies' James Kisner criticizing IBM Watson. As much as I am a geek who wants to make my opinions known on technology topics, I am also an IBM executive, and I run a part of IBM GBS business in North America that also includes services on IBM Watson (including Watson Health) . IBM Watson does not share one client's data with another client This design principle is very key to enterprise clients. Beyond oncology, Watson is in use by nearly half of the top 25 life sciences companies.

We may have seen the future of TV news this week, and we like it


We've been watching the NBC News Stay Tuned newscast, which is tailored for the young people who use Snapchat, and it's quite different from the NBC Nightly News we've been watching on network TV for years. Savannah Sellers is the co-host of NBC's new Stay Tuned news show for Snapchat (Photo: Snapchat) If we want to get the next generation watching news, this could be the way to do it. The Google search app -- not to be confused with so many other apps like Google Maps, Google Trips, Google Photos, Google Translate, Google assistant, Google's YouTube app and more -- got a big update. The app is nice, but many of us already use the Chrome app on smartphones or the Google Assistant app for text- or voice-based search.

Flipboard on Flipboard


Typically, customer service chatbots answer questions based on key words. The computer recognizes key words but may not recognize the context in which they are being used. The best chatbot systems can recognize customer frustration and switch the interaction to a human in the company's support center. As the technology improves and acceptance grows, chatbots, powered by AI, will have a strong role in customer service and support.

Trust is the New Clarity - BCGDV Pollen


Mario Gamper, Vice President of Strategic Design, discusses why AI assistants might force Experience Design into a rhetorical turn. Here's a thing I'm curious about: What impact will the advent of AI assistants have on the design teams that create digital user experience and interfaces? In order to create user experiences that are simple, meaningful and joyful, designers have developed an expansive toolkit for guiding users through complexity, and towards good decisions. As a result, voice-based UI will fundamentally shift the gravitational core of interaction from logic to emotion and credibility.

Siri talks to HAL 9000 about A.I. sexism


Science fiction has shaped the aesthetics and sounds of tech today. So, here's a question: what if Apple's Siri talked to 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL 9000? The subject: why Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have feminine voices and why HAL - not to mention, IBM's Watson - talk like guys.