Wollowski, Michael

A Survey of Current Practice and Teaching of AI

AAAI Conferences

The field of AI has changed significantly in the past couple of years and will likely continue to do so. Driven by a desire to expose our students to relevant and modern materials, we conducted two surveys, one of AI instructors and one of AI practitioners. The surveys were aimed at gathering infor-mation about the current state of the art of introducing AI as well as gathering input from practitioners in the field on techniques used in practice. In this paper, we present and briefly discuss the responses to those two surveys.

Training Watson — A Cognitive Systems Course

AAAI Conferences

We developed a course in which students train an instance of Watson and develop an application that interacts with the trained instance. Additionally, students learn technical in-formation about the Jeopardy! version of Watson and they discuss a future infused with cognitive assistants. In this poster, we justify this course, characterize major assessment items and provide advice on choosing a domain.