Wilks, Y. A.

Good and bad arguments about semantic primitives


Machine readable dictionaries (Mrds) contain knowledge about language and the world essential for tasks in natural language processing (Nlp). What is badly needed are machine tractable dictionaries (Mtds): Mrds transformed into a format usable for Nlp. It generates "relatedness" networks for words in Ldoce and presents a method for doing partial word sense disambiguation. This is because the method builds up lexical material from sources wholly within Ldoce.

An intelligent analyzer and understander of English


The paper discusses the origins and structure of Preference Semantics, a procedural and computational system for extracting the meaning structure of natural language texts, based on notions of "maximal semantic density" and coherence. The basic representational structures and procedures of Preference Semantics are described, as well as the forms these notions have taken in the work of others.