Wass, D.W.G.

To what extent can administration be mechanized?


Mr. J. H. H. Merriman was educated at King's College School, Wimbledon, and King's College, University of London. in 1935 and did Postgraduate Research at King's College London obtaining his M.Sc. We are, therefore, likely to see in the immediate future a movement away from the concept of single purpose automatic data processing installations to installations or systems of installations which, in the first placeT, will be multi--purpose and, in due course, integrated. If we are, therefore, to imagine large complex multipurpose integrated data processing system, we must imagine them to be serviced, to an increasing extent, by separate installations which will analyse the operations of the integrated system, determine the most appropriate operating conditions and which will, to some extent, relieve the burden of programming by automatic access to inbuilt programming routines.