Ramsey, F. P.

Truth and probability


Footnote numbering is maintained as in the original text -- as a result, page numbers are also noted for where the footnote originally appears. Some minor typographical errors remain in the1931 edition which are corrected here: - - Page 169, line 19, we replaced "intensities fo feelings" with "intensities of feelings" Page 176, line 22 we replaced "few asumptions as possible" with "few assumptions as possible" - - Page 187, line 12, we replaced "objective interpetation" with "objective interpretation" Page 191, Footnote 1, we replaced "guided only be ratiocination" with "guided only by ratiocination". Keynes's symbolism p/h meaning the probability of proposition p given proposition h. "Truth and Probability" written 1926. CONTENTS (1) The Frequency Theory (2) Mr Keynes' Theory (3) Degrees of Belief (4) The Logic of Consistency (5) The Logic of Truth (1) THE FREQUENCY THEORY In the hope of avoiding some purely verbal controversies, I propose to begin by making some admissions in favour of the frequency theory.