Mitchell, Tom M.

In Honor of Marvin Minsky's Contributions on his 80th Birthday

AI Magazine

This article seizes an opportune time to honor Marvin and his contributions and influence in artificial intelligence, science, and beyond. The article provides readers with some personal insights of Minsky from Danny Hillis, John McCarthy, Tom Mitchell, Erik Mueller, Doug Riecken, Aaron Sloman, and Patrick Henry Winston -- all members of the AI community that Minsky helped to found. The article continues with a brief resume of Minsky's research, which spans an enormous range of fields. It concludes with a short biographical account of Minsky's personal history.

Learning from Solution Paths: An Approach to the Credit Assignment Problem

AI Magazine

In this article we discuss a method for learning useful conditions on the application of operators during heuristic search. Since learning is not attempted until a complete solution path has been found for a problem, credit for correct moves and blame for incorrect moves is easily assigned. We review four learning systems that have incorporated similar techniques to learn in the domains of algebra, symbolic integration, and puzzle-solving. We conclude that the basic approach of learning from solution paths can be applied to any situation in which problems can be solved by sequential search.

Artificial Intelligence Research at Rutgers

AI Magazine

Research by members of the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers, and by their collaborators, is organized within the Laboratory for Computer Science research(LCSR). AI and AI-related applications are the major area of research within LCSR, with about forty people-faculty, staff and graduate students-currently involved in various aspects of AI research.