Mantaras, Ramon Lopez de

A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Research at the IIIA

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A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Research at the IIIA Abstract The IIIA is a public research centre, belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), dedicated to AI research. We focus our activities on a few well-defined sub-domains of Artificial Intelligence, positively avoiding dispersion and keeping a good balance between basic research and applications, and paying particular attention to training PhD students and technology transfer. In this article, we survey some of the most relevant results we have obtained during the last 12 years.

Computational Creativity: Coming of Age

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This editorial provides an introduction to current AI research on computationally created artefacts as well as to the papers and topics covered by this special issue on computational creativity

AI and Music: From Composition to Expressive Performance

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In this article, we first survey the three major types of computer music systems based on AI techniques: (1) compositional, (2) improvisational, and (3) performance systems. For this reason, previous approaches, based on following musical rules trying to capture interpretation knowledge, had serious limitations. An alternative approach, much closer to the observation-imitation process observed in humans, is that of directly using the interpretation knowledge implicit in examples extracted from recordings of human performers instead of trying to make explicit such knowledge. In the last part of the article, we report on a performance system, SAXEX, based on this alternative approach, that is capable of generating high-quality expressive solo performances of jazz ballads based on examples of human performers within a case-based reasoning (CBR) system.