Mackworth, Alan K.

Agents, Bodies, Constraints, Dynamics, and Evolution

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The theme of this article is the dynamics of evolution of agents. That theme is applied to the evolution of constraint satisfaction, of agents themselves, of our models of agents, of artificial intelligence and, finally, of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). The overall thesis is that constraint satisfaction is central to proactive and responsive intelligent behavior.

Editorial: AAAI Is Now the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

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As our world becomes smaller, scientific communities are becoming increasingly international. National scientific societies are evolving to serve their international constituencies, and in doing so, have come to reconsider their roles, their purposes, their images, their identities, their "branding," and, consequently, their names. This is such an occasion for AAAI as it embarks on its second quarter century.

AI@50: We Are Golden!

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Artificial intelligence (AI), on the 50th anniversary of its naming, is an autonomous discipline. The field has an established record of success, as exemplified by three recent achievements presented at AAAI-06/IAAI-06. It is now mature enough to collaborate productively with its sister disciplines, realizing the dream of ubiquitous computational intelligence.

Interpreting pictures of polyhedral scenes


"A program that achieves the interpretation of line drawings as polyhedral scenes is described. The method is based on general coherence rules that the surfaces and edges must satisfy, thereby avoiding the use of predetermined interpretations of particular categories of picture junctions and corners." The paper also comments on the relationship of this program to four other scene analysis programs.In IJCAI-73: THIRD INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, 20-23 August 1973, Stanford University Stanford, California. Revised version in Artificial Intelligence 4:121-137.