Levesque, Hector

The 2005 AAAI Classic Paper Awards

AI Magazine

Mitchell and Levesque provide commentary on the two AAAI Classic Paper awards, given at the AAAI-05 conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The two winning papers were "Quantifying the Inductive Bias in Concept Learning," by David Haussler, and "Default Reasoning, Nonmonotonic Logics, and the Frame Problem," by Steve Hanks and Drew McDermott.

Knowledge representation and reasoning


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The Tractablility of Subsumption in Frame-Based Description Languaages


Typ ical inferences automatically computed by AI representation systems include inheritance of properties, set membership and set inclusion, part/subpart inferences, type subsumption, and resolution. Here we address a fundamental problem in the nature of the service to be provided by knowledge representation systems: the greater the expressiveness of the language for representing knowledge, the harder it becomes to compute the needed inferences (see [7] for an overview of this tradeoff). In this brief paper, we present a formal analysis of the computational cost of expressiveness in a simple frame-based description language. Intuitively, we think of concepts as representing individuals, and roles as representing relations between individuals.