Gaschnig, J.

Application of the PROSPECTOR system to geological exploration problems


PROSPECTOR is a rule-based judgmental reasoning system that evaluates the mineral potential of a site or region with respect to inference network models of specific classes of ore deposits. R-3) FLUVSEQ 0.003 FAVMARSEQ 0.01 AEOLSEQ 0.01 PROSPECT IN A PROSPECT IN A PROSPECT IN A FLUVIAL SEQUENCE MARINE FAVOURABLE SEQUENCE - AEOLIAN SEQUENCE CHANSAND HOST OF BOULDERS, IS A COMPLEX CONGLOMERATE, DEPOSITED AND SAND ON FANS LENT IC HOST IS A COMPOSITE OF LENTICULAR CHANNEL FILLS AND ACCRETION BRAID-BAR FACIES HOST IS A SEQUENCE CHANNEL OF POINT FILL BAR SAND AND INTERBEDDED WITH FACIES CROSSBED HOST HIGH HAS ANGLE THICK, CROSS BEDS MARINESEQ 0.02 FLUVERODE 0.1 PROSPECT IN A MARINE SEQUENCE -- MARINE IS FLUVIALLY SEQUENCE ERODED 50,0.5 BARB AR HOST IS A BARRIER BAR(s) 50,0.5 DELTA HOST IS A CUSPATE DELTA For example, Figure 1 defines the FAVIIOST section appearing in a dashed box in in Figure 1. Having so validated the performance of the RWSSU model, we then describe a pilot study performed in conjunction with the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program of the U.S. Department of Energy. The pilot study applied the RWSSU model to evaluate and compare five target regions, using input data provided by DoE and USGS geologists (using the medium of a modelspecific questionnaire generated by PROSPECTOR.

Model design in the PROSPECTOR consultant system for mineral exploration


Following the initial design of a model, simple performance evaluation techniques are used to assess the extent to which the performance of the model reflects faithfully the intent of the model designer. INTRODUCTION In an increasingly complex and specialized world, human expertise about diverse subjects spanning scientific, economic, social, and political issues plays an increasingly important role in the functioning of all kinds of organizations. During recent years research in the field of artilicild intelliger.ce has produced effective new techniques for representing empirical judgmental knowledge and using this knowledge in performing plausible reasoning. Inference Networks of Assertions For use in Prospector an ore deposit model must be encoded as a so-called inference network, a network of connections or relations between field evidence and important geological hypotheses.

Performance measurement and analysis of certain search algorithms


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