Dechter, R.

Tree clustering for constraint networks


The method involves the formation and preprocessing of an acyclic database that permits a large variety of queries and local perturbations to be processed swiftly, either by sequential backtrack-free procedures, or by distributed constraint propagation processes.

Network-based heuristics for constraint-satisfaction problems


While some CSPs are hard, those that are easy can often be mapped into sparse networks of constraints which, in the extreme case, are trees. This paper identifies classes of problems that lend themselves to easy solutions, and develops algorithms that solve these problems optimally. The paper then presents a method of generating heuristic advice to guide the order of value assignments based on both the sparseness found in the constraint network and the simplicity of tree-structured CSPs. The advice is generated by simplifying the pending subproblems into trees, counting the number of consistent solutions in each simplified subproblem, and comparing these counts to decide among the choices pending in the original problem.